Some fault tolerance design of foreign B2C shopping cart

Some fault tolerance design of foreign B2C shopping cart

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with the development of the Internet, more and more people choose to shop online. And B2C website user experience design is good and bad, directly related to the user in the B2C website shopping experience. Good user experience allows users to a certain extent, comfortable, convenient to buy, thus indirectly enhance the transformation of a user pays for the goods purchase rate; not a good user experience may indirectly reduce the conversion of user pays for the goods purchase rate.

The design of

fault-tolerant often shows its value when the user does not follow the correct operation. The user always wants to get a smooth shopping experience, rather than always remind me "this is wrong, right here, this is" let users feel "at the break site said I low IQ", in order to stop shopping, also led to the website conversion rate is low.

today, let’s look at some foreign B2C website shopping cart fault tolerance design. Perhaps some foreign fault tolerance design helps us to improve the user’s shopping experience, so that users can pay for our design.

1, I want to buy something else, don’t bother me,

recently bought the baby for the upcoming baby, so he chose to buy it on the "red boy". But its experience really upset me. My goal is to find something I need, and then pay the bill together. But the red child only provides a "buy now" button, so every time I have to click on "buy now", then the website automatically jump to the shopping cart page, but I had to click "continue shopping before" to return to the page, and then to choose other goods. You can imagine how much more work I need to buy more than 10 items. I hate hanging up the site’s product manager or interactive designer. Perhaps the product manager or designer doesn’t want other websites to provide "buy now" and "add to cart" button two to the user, that provides too many buttons will lead to the user, but he can like this website to operate.

look at this, a purchase page about the B2C website for growing products.


this site only provides a "add to cart" button, the user will add items to the shopping cart, it is in the upper right corner of the shopping cart icon will float out, tell you this thing will be added to the shopping cart, you can now pay, also can not ignore me, or I turn off continue to look for other things.

I like the design because it doesn’t bother me to go shopping, just as I buy a bunch of things in the supermarket and pay for it, instead of saying "Hey, friend" every time. Do you want to pay for this? I always tell him, "sorry, I have to pay for everything after I buy it.". In that case, there are more people than I can estimate.


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