Novice webmaster talk about pseudo original a little experience

Novice webmaster talk about pseudo original a little experience

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must do great things and must rely on very few people. If they are very human beings, there must be some theories. Webmaster must be very human, there must be special, I did not, send an article, dare not say very theory, but also hope to bring A5 a breeze.

station has just been established, and I began my pseudo original road, the first start is really not a bit, pseudo false, almost pseudo original, the time has also passed, the mood is floating far away.

see many online pseudo original master two minutes a pseudo psychological, that I envy ah, why do I have brains, 10 minutes to a pseudo still feel a little like it, so I was thinking of pseudo original method.

pseudo is false, false is installed, is to put a paper packaging, re packaging is the pseudo original, I think so, but our Packaging Institute, so I like it is done, the results I package package, is also installed, not necessarily do so with a high efficiency. Suddenly I was inspired by a pseudo original, is not to change the title, the first paragraph, change the end and the center content of it, if I just added to the title of the article on a match to the idiom, my title is new, perhaps Baidu love such idioms title. "How to make your promotion with," resolutely, execution is the basic premise of "Wangzhuan," normalization methodology, the content of the website is to improve the flow of fundamental "and so on, so I pseudo original my title.

pseudo since it is installed, then change the first paragraph hard pack, said the topic of "writing of no great importance. Whether the network is full of fantasy, whether Wangzhuan is full of hope, is not to do a very good high-end webmaster…" Throw a few words in front of you (it is not essential to let Baidu spider drunk or something), perhaps Baidu spiders make you drunk, muddleheaded put you to the collection of pseudo original.


terminal is needless to say, the article is generally directly delete their own website, publicity, or the order of the moment, not only changed the content also changed the terminal, I believe you have a set of their own master, hey.

anyway, the theory of practice is just a map, the earth, stiff things will all die, plastic things alive, belong to "in history of thousand years, palm million soldiers to win Zhu Geliang, Ma Su can not win, what also can’t replace the map?.

above is my pseudo original road, novice pseudo original method, I hope everyone exhibitions, ~

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