Novice webmaster promotion website often encountered some problems

Novice webmaster promotion website often encountered some problems

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many novice webmaster for their website promotion and worry, busy for a long time did not see what effect, looking for links to sites submitted to do a lot of work did not see what effect, some problems of website promotion I often encountered in communication with you under.

one. Links

Each new

owners are looking for a Baidu has included, PR is also a good website links, oh see others posted links to news links can ask? In fact this is not only a waste of people’s time is wasting their time, it has not got a few links, say over, friends pay what what kind of friends, exchange links and trading is equivalent to also, if you are a little worse by what others want you to engage in this link? To his station there may be adverse reaction! Unless of course the station is your friend, or your own station.

two, for your website can be submitted to the search engine, commonly used search engines such as Baidu, Google, Sogou, and so on, at the beginning of the new sites that provide your Sitemap for Baidu and YAHOO, this included your station soon.

three new sites, do not be so anxious, all day on webmaster statistics, how many IP today! Don’t use what cheating tools to bring some traffic and improve the speed of PR are those meaningless things! In the end may also be search engine K! How good ah! So I suggest do you think AHI is a solid content of websites do, appropriate to a Forum blog to get some links, some spiders can, such as Baidu included, then link to find some good points, to improve the site’s ranking! Whatever you do, don’t give up your station to some ah! Maybe you’ll succeed, give up the pity! I insist on this station for a month while Baidu is not included, but I believe that hard work pays off! Maybe tomorrow is included, looking forward to tomorrow Oh, Baidu big update! I QQ381160556


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