Do some second hand website wise remark of an experienced person advice

Do some second hand website wise remark of an experienced person advice

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whether do personal website or personal website used, have to have a heart of personal investment, do at the beginning of the second-hand website, do not think a man can hold a national website, focus on the scope of their own power, from the city to start a small, secondary network you do well, you can choose your city, at least you can better play it. The following points in hopes of second-hand or second-hand net net, is to bring help.

1. website domain name and location problem

to do second-hand network before, first of all want to be able to match a website (close to content) of the domain name, such as can use 2 to represent two, with S to represent the hand. Being a second-hand network may not be what you think it will be. It can make you profitable. Now more and more people are using the net, which doesn’t mean you can’t do it any more. As long as you give yourself a reasonable positioning of the secondary network, do it fine, you can find a way out. If you do not want to, don’t do it, xiaodaxiaonao. The second hand network is a service web site. It is necessary to think more about the visitors, so that your website will be more beautiful.

2. is real,

many second-hand network content is too real, the information is too bad, there are illegal, fraudulent information. As consumers enter your secondary network, mainly to seek cheap things, and therefore can not let them cheated. Do the station to try to verify the authenticity of the information. Xiamen fish can learn to use the secondary network member authentication, mobile verification, IP verification function.

3. publicity

secondary network how to promote it? You can link with the well-known local websites, local forums, classified information website publicity, so that the search engines on the site included better. You can also print leaflets to the community, the secondary market, the registration brochure, try not to have too much advertising language, but can increase some close to the living name. You can also find people who have bikes and pay a commission every month so they can put your billboard on the bus.

4. for profit

net profit of second-hand can be hung on the site GG, Baidu union advertising revenue, but this is not a long-term solution, the real income of second-hand network in sponsorships, such as top (front, merchants sell information on top people enter the website can see image ads (VIP) refers to the VIP member you can release a plurality of information, and ordinary members issued is limited)

5. entrepreneurship issues

site can be a career, if you want to get more benefits in the website, please don’t do it alone, and develop your team.

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