How to deal with the cancellation of the website filing

How to deal with the cancellation of the website filing

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recently I have received several site record information notification was canceled, the information content is probably like this "the Ministry of industry and information technology website filing system – SMS notification: Dear XXX users, you record information website XXX has been canceled, the record number of the site for XXX has been recovered, hereby notified!". Just received this message, immediately go to the filing system to query, found that the record number no longer exists. The cancellation of the record means that the site will be closed soon after the access provider checks it out.

in the next few days, the nightmare began, received the same information, several of their websites have basically been canceled. So quickly contact the space business, he responded to this situation is due to the Ministry of information thorough investigation of the shell website, those who previously filed for filling false information, incomplete information on the record number will be recovered. And told me that if canceled, the document should be sent to the computer room as soon as possible, and then submitted to the Ministry of re examination, the time will take about a month or so.

understand the situation, began to prepare data, because the site has not yet been closed, and in the virtual host group, found that many webmasters also encountered canceled. I think the computer room should also understand this situation, the reason is not immediately closed, it should be to let the owners found, immediately re filed.

re filing time is very long, the site has been shut down, the loss is also great, especially for small and medium owners, a month’s time, the site will certainly have a great weight ranking. In the meantime, we can only choose foreign hosts, such as the United States and Hongkong, for a temporary transition, as much as possible to reduce the losses caused by the filing.

I use the transfer of foreign space to re record, in the choice of foreign space, we must choose a stable speed, good performance of the space to transition, so that the impact on the site will not be too great.

for general information: Id photocopy, website, domain name, certificate verification of single site photographs, letters of responsibility, some places may be the data is not the same, but have little difference, the scene photos, are generally not too strict space business, are likely to give you some background map and a sample. Then you PS, P out of the field, the effect of the same can be used. When all the information is ready, send it to the space dealer and be patient.

finally remind the webmaster, take a look at their record number was canceled, if not canceled, also want to see whether their access providers and identity information is correct, incorrect, want to modify immediately. So as not to be canceled, and then re filed. Moreover, it is necessary to keep a good password for the initial filing so as to facilitate the modification of the access provider. New records and increased access are basically required to provide the above information.

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