How can teachers make use of their special skills to make money

How can teachers make use of their special skills to make money

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we all know, our teachers work intensity is big, labor is a complicated labor, but our teacher’s salary is too low, especially those of US occupation technical college teacher, have a skill, just take so little pay, it can not be reconciled, that there is no way to use their own teacher specialty, without affecting the normal work, but also make some easy money?

certainly, at present I after 7 years of network life, have worked out a set of methods for teachers to make money, that is the website, put their expertise to write the article, published online, as long as the time, the value of the site will be reflected, for example, I stand: Teacher, is done in such under the background, the monthly income of 1000 yuan. Of course, each person’s special skills are different, and the theme of the station is different. See below:

if your junior high school teacher, teach math, physics, chemistry, Chinese, English and so on any one course, then you can do a related theme of the station, as long as the daily update a few articles, after half a year, there will be income.

if you are a high school teacher, then you can do a web site for the college entrance examination. I believe that no one can do such a website better than you, and you will do better than others.

if you are occupation colleges (including technical secondary school, technical school) of the old city, then you can do a related to your major, your usual lectures, papers and other exercises affected, on the site, will make a very good website.

, if you are a teacher of skill training, it will be better. You can send your training materials online. On the one hand, it will be convenient for your students. On the other hand, you can improve the reputation of your training institution.

How profitable

when your site do succeed, and you may have to say, how can the website profit, only to pay a free? I can only say: when people do not understand, you understand; when people understand, you do; when people don’t did you succeed. That’s the way to success. That’s the way to success, but I’m going to tell you how the site makes a profit.

many people would think, website profit is not advertising, actually not, in addition to advertising, there are many ways, such as selling connections, agents, entities, shops and so on. With the rise of Internet and the change of our life, we have a dependence on Internet, and we can not do without him when we work.

for example, our school held a sports meeting, students need to write a lot of broadcast, the students will have to search the Internet, in his realism is too difficult, and this is used by the students to write their own is not the same, and the quality of writing manuscripts is very high.

when people depend on the website, if you have the website, you have the capital, you have the cost of profit, however, the website is not the general people can do well

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