About the new website was Baidu seconds included in the alternative

About the new website was Baidu seconds included in the alternative

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recently in China webmaster BBS wandering when found, many novice webmaster appear a more difficult to solve the problem, is a lot of new sites encountered Baidu and other search engines included slow problem. Many webmaster response, the site after a month, only just included the home page.

small website recently to do more, but they are not deliberately to let Baidu included (have not been to the Baidu site entrance there to submit sites, a few stations did not even send the chain, also do not Links. ). Missing are unconsciously let Baidu included. Xiao Bian sums up what he has done, and at the same time to find some webmaster friends were tested. There are several ways to effectively and quickly include a website.

1 Baidu webmaster tools (http://s.zhanzhang.baidu.com/)

small series in Baidu Webmaster Tools added his website, and did the website validation, did the website security check, etc..

2 Baidu Statistics (http://s.tongji.baidu.com)

with webmaster tools, small series also submitted their own web site, and carried out the website verification.

3 collection station using robots.txt banned search engine included

believe that many webmaster see here may be stupefied, not to say that the search engine included? Why should prohibit? We see clearly, is a collection station. For example, the movie station, everyone knows Baidu likes original articles, and recently like k station. Collection station, a large number of reprinted articles is not included in the cause of Baidu. Xiao Bian this approach is, let search engines do not include the collected part, only included original part. The specific method is, the website collection part uses the dynamic page, the original part produces the static page.

The code in

robots.txt is as follows:

User-agent: *

Disallow: / *


4 Baidu search column search their web site

this method, Xiao Bian believes that may require more than one computer, often doing so will be effective. Xiao Bian, one of the sites in the home and two computers in the unit search their web site, the results do not know when, the site has been collected (several previous small series have not done).

5 hair outside chain

this estimate is all webmaster know skills, can not help but say, hair chain can also achieve the site second included skills, but many webmaster issued the chain, the site is still a long time not included. Xiao Bian summarizes its reasons, including several items:

1 hair outside the chain of too many, new sites should not have a large number of the chain, some new sites although included, but also because a lot of hair outside the chain and be K station >

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