The three main values of independent blogs make me believe they will not die out

The three main values of independent blogs make me believe they will not die out

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is masturbating and encourages new members of the independent blogosphere.

chat and some bloggers the webmaster, said the prospect of independent blog, some people seem to be very pessimistic, there is an old friend said "independent blog" 3 years of death, that was also proof first illustrates the wolf independent blog before (micro-blog) after the tiger (micro-blog) dilemma. And lists a lot of exit independent blogosphere veteran, make me a language choke. Later, think carefully, independent blog has its own value of existence, valuable things are often not easy to perish.

independent blog value 1: a small price for the novice to understand the domain name and space

for myself, for example, my "multi meter IT notes" before the line, I was a very rookie, no knowledge of the domain name space. Build an independent blog: buy domain names, buy space, and resolve domain names into space.

in the domain name purchase process, I learned: how to choose domain name product phase? What domain name suffix is advantageous to the rank? What should the domain name merchant pay attention to?


buying space is also a learning process. Including the choice of space providers, the basic knowledge of space parameters supplement, as well as space type, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan characteristics of space, and so on. Finally, I learned about the record (no operation, my blog has not been filed). If you want to build other websites later, you will have some experience.

independent blog value two: network promotion lab

is still an example of himself, recently in learning SEO, learning network promotion. Promotion of community has a saying "execution is king", so every time I see something new will experiment in his third of an acre. Such as:

The correct way for

to build a 404 page is: (for Apache server only)

· add the code in the.Htaccess file: ErrorDocument 404, /Error.html

· create a simple html404 page named Error.html

· place Error.html in the web root

301 redirection method:

RewriteEngine on

^ RewriteRule (. *) $$1 [R=301, L]


saw the tutorial, I immediately took pictures and did experiments on my blog. In short, learning new knowledge can be done on an independent blog, which is also an independent blog

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