Acquisition of the moment where the electricity supplier dream of how to do a large scale

Acquisition of the moment where the electricity supplier dream of how to do a large scale

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We have large

, burn after listing, after abortion, capital chain shortage and the market low a series of embarrassing situation, finally realize the single quarter earnings in the fourth quarter of 2012, the market to give every guest to temporarily alleviate the pressure. And after entering in 2013, every guest is to set their own goals, and hope that the annual profit. But in the guest on the original plan on the road to walk slowly, the acquisition of the first moment turned out, this trick really makes electricity supplier surprised. Because the acquisition is bound to expand in the beginning of the scale of market investment, and the greater the plate shop where the customer’s pressure is greater, the smaller the possibility of profit, then to the acquisition of the first moment in such a situation, where the customer’s marketing strategy will be what kind of impact?

or customers will become a diversified strategy of the test product

We all know that

in the electricity market, many business owners are hoping to scale to achieve the dual goals of profit and development, there is no exception for all passengers, or else it will not appear two years ago where the crazy burn grab phenomenon, but now we learn smart, not rash to go casually several investment projects, make crying, but from the reality, to find more suitable for their acquisition and diversified development projects, and at the beginning of this moment is clearly the best choice. Because CEO is the original beginning where the staff, both brand value were not far away, but compared to the customer, but also from the beginning of the customized and humane way of culture, which for all passengers, is an extension of the enterprise culture, so the acquisition of the first moment was granted. In addition, through the acquisition of initial moment of operation, we can find a more independent brand operation so as to other mysteries, mergers and acquisitions after the foundation.

acquisition of every guest is also in line with the trend of the capital market

Jingdong mall founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong has said, "the future of the electricity supplier enterprise only two modes can survive, one is platform type, one is personalized and brand vertical website.". Other standardized vertical sites will not survive, either sell or die." This is for a better interpretation of the capital market, when the Jingdong, Suning and Taobao have entered the beauty, tobacco and other vertical areas, where if you don’t take a series of measures will be missed another opportunity for development, but according to the data show that the domestic garment industry, where customers ranked second to 7.3%. On the basis of the existing development where the only through the acquisition of the first moment in order to better fulfill the product category, is an extension of the resources, but also conform to the requirements of the capital market, whether it is the platform of development, or personalized vertical development is beneficial.

acquisition will not increase the initial cash pressure for every guest

most of the time we have at the moment is seen as a burden, without a return on invested capital, I think you don’t have to think so, because until now, at the moment also has its own consumer group, although profitability is not ideal, but as a kind of humanized brand.

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