Discussion on operation experience of city information website

Discussion on operation experience of city information website

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with the development of the Internet, online information dissemination has become a hot topic. Users are keen as a carrier for online information release, information website, such as the general development. Bamboo shoots after a spring rain sent messages on the Internet seems to have become a popular, every day there are countless city information, demand information, job recruitment information published on the website of all kinds of information but the information. The website operation has a lot of experience, need to be mastered, can develop better. The operation practice of free information network the author summarized since good luck, share some information website operation experiences with you. Hope to help.

1, filtering of information publishing content

Although the

information website to good luck and I hope to publish all kinds of information, but not random release welcome illegal information. It is necessary to carry on the management to publish content filtering.24 hour special supervision is certainly not realistic, to take the necessary technical measures, will limit the elements of regulation is scheduled to form, so that the system can automatically filter out illegal words with the character of.

2, the subject of information publishing prohibits illegal characters and spaces


release page in the user, the necessary restrictions on topics such as: do not allow spaces, different characters are not allowed, not allowed illegal words. Subject information ban was necessary because many spaces, with a space theme while the display is a sentence, but in fact there is a blank, the background can not sentence find it was deleted. Especially in some illegal information, the words are often able to escape with a space shield list appeared stately.

3, city information website database optimization


information website data are relatively large, it is not suitable for the ACCESS database. It is best to use a SQL. If the database uses the ACCESS database, we must pay attention to the database optimization and regular cleaning to remove some useless outdated information. In addition, a regular backup of the database is required to restore.

immediately in case of a database error

4, to find ways to prohibit the outside mass send submit

some mass software, regardless of the consequence, take strong irrigation, in a classification, crazy release. This strong irrigation, the surge in the amount of data. The database quickly reached saturation. The result is the web page open. Slowly become abnormal, especially ACCESS database, because the data saturation and failure. Therefore, we must find ways to solve the external mass release,.

5, when necessary, prohibit picture upload function

Many of the

information website with pictures, but if the picture upload function by sending information to use, crazy mass upload pictures, the consequences are directly increase the storage space, let the web space quickly saturated and collapse. This is a very serious problem. If you have no way to prohibit bulk type outside submitted release it is necessary to cancel the. picture upload function

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