How to build your career on the nternet 3

How to build your career on the nternet 3

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"how to build your business on the Internet" from the beginning to now speak of the 2, we reflect the different, many people are praising, boast it is good soft, it makes me very embarrassed, I once wanted to give up! Do not please, but then think 9A webmaster Wangzhuan not for Adsense service? In any case at least I have to afford those who supported me, hold this idea, I am here to code, using the A5 platform, like A5 for more stationmaster service


as we have already said the idea for the site, today I talk about some of the problems surrounding the program selection and, after the previous preparation, I believe you have on your web site, target groups have certain knowledge and understanding, then, you have to consider is the construction site, I estimate the true to write their own code construction the application is not few, so how to choose the reasonable positioning for their website program is a webmaster have to consider the issue, I also should be built by many types of websites, also to understand the program, although still can not write. Site selection procedures should pay attention to the following points:

1. reasonable forecast your website development speed, if the site for a long period of time the development is not very big, so you have to consider the program as concise as possible, here to recommend a good CMS, suitable for the small-scale systems, what is a bubble, forget, "bubble" should be able to use Baidu Search to search, this program is a modified version of the old Y, I used to beautify, very good, suitable for beginners. Many beginners are greedy for nothing. 10 articles have not been used. What is the most important thing is that such websites die at the earliest.

2. now for many of the website optimization website very seriously, had contact on my website, which is now the best optimization of the station network ( and 9A ( with the webmaster Wangzhuan. There are many websites on the Internet, is used to build the new dream dream, for a little higher, but it is a good CMS program, when you use the website program, will consider recommendations to optimize the site! This helps the website optimization.

3. a lot of people build a website is not to build a site like CMS, here to give you a little skill, you go to the source code to find the station type, you have to build a website to find, see similar download charts, in general, better than behind the row in front of you, so as long as the choice of the most downloaded that can.

The program about the

before it comes here, a lot of people to reflect on how to build the website I Needless to say, we will estimate the basic, is a upload program, run the installation, see the documentation on it, so I am not here take up a lot of time, we will talk about the premise of website promotion the preparation stage all the preparation for what tomorrow.


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