Talk about the benefits of updating your website every day

Talk about the benefits of updating your website every day

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everyone knows that the site is updated every day, is definitely their own site is good, regardless of his Baidu, Google or YAHOO, only good, no harm. Even if they haven’t included your new content for a while, you have to believe that they will someday be included. The premise is that your site is almost updated. To win their favor of your website. In this case, your site will bring more IP, bringing web traffic, including the site’s PR. That’s what I pushed the net. It can be said that my half this year, almost put my mind on this 100 push net. What’s the big improvement, though?. But I’m sure this site will one day be accepted by everyone.

as the Internet develops so fast. If your friend or your client finds it on the website. Your information was a year ago or a few years ago. Would your client see it? Would you like to see it yourself? Not to mention search engines, and they won’t take your website any more. So the website is like a person, so the content of the website is the blood inside the website. A man without blood. What do you see,


first, nothing new, how attractive,


a shopping mall opened for three years without adding or reducing a commodity. This phenomenon is everywhere: a website has never been turned over in a few years since its completion. There is no shortage of websites in this age. The content of this age is the content, the new content. It’s like this phenomenon, which many people know, even happens to you, but no one ever tells you it’s serious. You spend your time, energy, money and investment enthusiasm, expected a website, not only because of the lack of promotion, but also because of the lack of maintenance, when second people visit your site, see the same content, the same face, who is willing to waste precious time to let more? People come to your website, or consider it is fresh news or constantly updated products, useful information, will attract more attention.

second, make your website full of vitality,

a website that only has to be constantly updated will have vitality. People just want to get what they need online, and you can only attract what you need to continue to provide people with what they need. A website is like a movie theater. If you show old movies every year 10 years ago and always share the same film, who will come second times?.

third, and promotion, and into the

website promotion will bring to the site traffic, but it’s probably just really want to improve the site’s flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, visibility and value of traffic, only rely on repeat. Sites should always have attractive, valuable content that people can access frequently.

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