Some reflections on the optimization of network promotion station

Some reflections on the optimization of network promotion station

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company recently launched a product station and network promotion station, because it is the new company, the funds are more tight, and the order has become a straw to solve this problem. The optimization and promotion of the two stations, especially the Changsha network promotion website, encountered technical problems, occupation morality, more than a month later, although has made some achievements, but still not ideal, now the following reflections.

, the order cannot bet on seo

the author’s core business is the promotion and promotion of an automotive product. The company has made two automobile product station, the old station rank is firm, and put in the competitive bidding advertisement, the profitability is fairly good. New station ranking is also in the overall rise. However, the website construction and network promotion department is not very optimistic. Because anxious urgent, I promise that by the end of this year, Changsha network promotion station will certainly bring orders.

company means, website construction and promotion part to achieve self-sufficiency before the end of the year, to achieve profitability. Do web site, there will be a single profit. The author because of the limitations of thinking, largely on the optimization of a few keywords to search engine home page. As a result, after a month, although the word to the home page, but suffer from no inquiry. Compared to the author, the promotion department has colleagues to actively contact the relevant network marketing training students at the same level, and thus gained a few stations and optimize orders, so that the company finally functioning properly. Also have colleagues, and actively join the local enterprises in Changsha QQ group, also took a few low-priced orders, so that the construction sector in the end of the year have something to do.

many times, a lot of SEOER thinking is limited to website optimization above, in fact, network promotion way and method is too much, we just need to find suitable for the current environment promotion method can. SEO is good, but don’t limit it to it.

two, promotion is not done overnight,

I have many new sites to optimize the experience, in the on-line Changsha network promotion this station, at least prepared 30 original articles, etc.. After the new station on-line, the author first uses robots to shield the spider, treats many details in the station to do fairly well, when only then puts the spider to come. The first two weeks, the author regularly updated quantitative articles, hair chain to lead spider crawling based, to search engines a good initial trust value. In this way, the company website was collected the next day, and included most of the key words into the top 100. One month later, the author’s website is listed below.


because compared to network promotion, the station to the money faster, so I originally optimized the main keyword is "Changsha website construction."". But later found that the word competition is too intense, according to the author’s level and resources, a short time it is difficult to optimize to the home page, so the author retreated and secondly, to optimize the "Changsha website construction company" and other words. A month later, these words still do not rise rapidly, but Changsha

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