Get rid of underwear loose woman ‘s health network

Get rid of underwear loose woman ‘s health network

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began from the ancient women’s underwear, but with the progress of the times, women’s underwear is also more perfect, more and more fit. No matter is the ancient woman’s apron, or modern women’s underwear bra, these are as far as possible to the aesthetic point of development. In order to highlight the woman very pretty and charming posture, is not suitable for women breast development to provide a comfortable environment, to achieve the effect of plastic breasts. Of course, each woman’s chest is not the same, if you choose not suitable for their bra, then not only damage the taste of clothing, but also damage the health of the breast itself.

remove the natural beauty

summer is coming, whether it is because of the heat or for the sake of beauty, the girls are beginning to pursue the natural beauty of bondage, that is, to get rid of underwear, so sexy breasts free, restore the original beauty. Why more and more women now do not wear underwear. In fact, then? Ancient ancient women’s underwear, no modern bra so bound, whether it is still very stomachers underclothing, perfectly show women’s development is very pretty and charming, the constraints of breast.

love the trend, respect for nature, these are the modern women healthy lifestyle, not just at home do not wear underwear, even go out even throw away the burden, you how to look at the secular vision, is the pursuit of their own natural health.

in the bustling city, as if nature is far away from human beings, without the breath of nature, human beings can only pursue the reduction of their own, but his body and mind back to nature, began his new journey.

Effect of

bra on breast development

women know that wearing a bra to sleep is very bad, not only feel uncomfortable, but also because the bra will affect the development of the breast, causing sagging breasts and other reasons. Many women have such feelings, if the bra is not appropriate, will cause chest suffocation, shortness of breath and other symptoms, and from the medical point of view if the bra size is not appropriate, or let the human body heart, lung and blood vessels receive oppression, resulting in that breast development is not normal, and even influence the body organ the development of.

breast dysplasia, nipple subsidence, breast tenderness and other reasons are likely to be your bra size when the cause, when you feel chest tightness, when blood circulation is not smooth, prove your underwear should be changed.

is not just the size of the problem, underwear material and texture is the key point. Sometimes look expensive underwear is not necessarily a good underwear, and sometimes underwear material is not suitable for you, so that your skin allergies. Itching phenomenon.

French women do not wear underwear breast release only love "sticker"

beauty is the nature of every woman, can see a lot of women to wear sexy low cut dress, highlight their breasts, just like French women do not wear underwear.

in fact, French women do not wear underwear for two reasons, one is to allow the breast to be released, so

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