Several points to note in website revision

Several points to note in website revision

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revision is a problem.

more and more Internet Co products staff aware of this problem, whether it is the revision of watercress, or Facebook revision, have been users crazy boycott.

compared with the traditional 1 website, the power of 2 web users is infinitely enlarged, which also means that users have more and more voice in the development of the website. Any so-called revision will affect the habits of existing users to some extent, and may be attacked by users in large scale.

this means that website revision may require more wisdom and refinement.

Why does

need revision,


when a website was established, it was always strange and ignorant. It has the most faithful expression to the core value of the website. The website can be called the initial stage of the product.

with the changes in user needs and business needs, we will gradually make some adjustments to the site, in order to better meet the needs of the development of the site step by step. When these small changes accumulate to a certain extent, the product interface design and website architecture have not been able to meet the needs, and this time needs revision.

This process is similar to the

operating system, when we first started contact with the discovery of XP is cool, but as time progress XP is increasingly unable to meet our needs, then Microsoft will give it some small patches, so that it can work better. But if one day, XP really can not meet the needs of users and business value of the company, then it is necessary to launch the next version of the operating system, that is, now popular Windows 7.


revision is for two things: user needs and business needs. How to smooth the revision, we come to see what are the main points to note.

1., before revision, do a demand survey

As with many product developments, the

website will experience changes in requirements, which means that many times it may require repeated work, and some even need to be completely redone.

so it highlights the importance of the revision of demand survey, you need to collect the needs of users to function from the user survey, data mining etc., at the same time, you also need to confirm the revision and management needs the overall development of the company and then the several aspects of the revision should be for collection, use time for revision.

Demand investigation of perfect

, the main positive significance to the website has two aspects: one is to let the product team in the process of product design and development, do several things; two is reduced due to the change of demand time and loss of customers.

2. can not change, try not to change the

In the course of the revision of the

website, it may affect

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