Ladder networks good networks and geeks College Finance what’s missing from online education

Ladder networks good networks and geeks College Finance what’s missing from online education

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about online education, there are two recent voices in the industry: the collapse of the ladder network and the good network, the transformation of the geek school and $22 million in financing.

In the

network and the collapse of ladder good network news time, the focus of the industry rapidly to the "bubble" theory of online education, due to the too radical operation, the ladder network, well network in just a few months we spent all the money, Gong Haiyan’s business is also fully occupied.

at the same time, college geeks announced $22 million financing, a predecessor to the programmer community website and how to achieve the transition to the success of online education, while in the mouth of the "online education bubble" period, college geeks how will the future of online education industry prospects? And how will


ladder network, that good net collapse, online education profit is still difficult to achieve

whether online education bubble theory, or online education prospects are still good industry optimist can deny a survival reality of the current online education online education website: mostly rely on financing operations, there are few online education companies realize their own profit.

close the ladder network and well network, a senior analysts think it represents online education has entered a few years ago, similar to the thousand group war, Yu Minhong stressed that the website internal business diversification and without purpose, resulting in no profit and no development of website.

for the realization of online education industry profitability has not yet the true sense, referring to the "thousand group war" is premature, and the investor’s radical and online education operations must remain slow, steady development of the internal contradictions, also exacerbated the operator to find suitable profit pressure, ultimately promote the ladder network, good death net online education.

geeks college again get financing content precipitation is the core of operations

geeks college operators themselves are geeks, and geeks college predecessor is the experience of the programmer community, but also more specifically to inform the operator: what kind of content is what the user needs?.

product core + technology + quality + content execution, is the key to successful operation of College geeks, they had all night on the line a currently hot software developer course, never have a shortcut to success, only to fall in practical product quality brand, continuous precipitation of high quality content, gradually reach a consensus between products service, with users, in order to make profit.

online education development prospects: O2O or, pure Internet model worth mentioning, the content is still the focus of

not all online education are like college geeks, the operation team is a technical background, each stage of the user needs to grasp is in place, but the online education industry all need to seize the focus is on the relationship between content and user relationship, profit with the user, rather than just stay in the use of O2O mode or pure internet mode of operation, whether it is pure Internet >

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