He is also known as the Jobs S called the Silicon Valley Zhen Huan entrepreneurial experiencentern

He is also known as the Jobs S called the Silicon Valley Zhen Huan entrepreneurial experiencentern

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1. "different, non", first of all you need to have like-minded, common interests. Like the four founders of Twitter, it’s hard to merge with each other’s own ideas.

if you are in Beijing into the Zhongguancun 3W coffee now, may not hear about the business plan debauch, but the discussion mode and product updates, do not see the ideal setting for a couple in love lover, resolute face but a business partner. In the new round of Internet start-ups tide, similar scenes in more and more start-ups cafe, investment and financing institutions and entrepreneurial parks appear, these institutions are collectively referred to as entrepreneurial services.


because the business involves many links, entrepreneurs rely on their own force difficult, so a large number of "entrepreneurial services as their own responsibility" of the entrepreneurial services organizations came into being. This includes the investment and financing mechanism of Sequoia Capital, capital as the representative, to help entrepreneurs solve the problem of lack of funds; similar to innovative workshops such entrepreneurship platform, business, technology, market, human all-round services for entrepreneurs; Discuz! And bShare service providers to provide technical support; active in the Internet the wave front of the Zhongguancun Software Park, Dalian software park business park, also fully enjoy the national and local governments to provide preferential policies for a generation to provide root place.

is a comprehensive observation of the Internet business services development, help entrepreneurs development, Chinese Internet business services value list started in November 25th, which also announced a large selection of activities for the Internet business services development prelude.


3. core founders first >


however, the needs of entrepreneurs are diverse. They need not only services, but also "ground gas" and personalized services. Can meet the actual needs of entrepreneurs, testing the level of entrepreneurial services. Promoters, Discuz! Market general manager Zhang Xiang said, this selection will be fully observe the survival and development status of Internet business services, business services for example, the excellent organization of mining more walking in the forefront of the business service. Zhang Xiang said: "we hope that through this exchange, with the industry model, the domestic entrepreneurial services to a new process."."



partnership venture you will first think of who? Larry · page and Sergei brin; · this closeness type? Or Airbnb Blaine, Joe and Nathan such a clear division of type? Or to handle small tear Eduardo impressive? The four founder said to students to become entrepreneurs a palace douju we introduce is the Palace fighting the eventual winner of today.

in Twitter’s story, we may be able to learn some lessons about "carefully choosing an entrepreneurial partner":

2. communication should be smooth and able to face the pressure together. Twitter line after the team everyone is facing great pressure, the first is overwhelmed by Glass, a failed marriage he put the Twitter as a life-saving straw, under pressure to interfere because even small details and firing on all big and small, apparently who can’t stand the partner.



in the thrilling story, we also found a lot of "only fair, can not be willing to" regret — often venture several on accomplishing thing, when success is because of the unequal distribution of interests contradiction is unfortunately part company each going his own way.

Speaking of the

Jack · Jack Dorsey Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, current CEO, founder of Square, the arrival of CEOJack refresh this column Yan can also go to Hollywood he mixed improper CEO record.


Abstract: talking about the business partnership you will first think of who? Larry · page and Sergei brin; · this closeness type? Or Airbnb Blaine, Joe and Nathan such a clear division type? Today the four founder told the students to create industry into a palace douju we is to introduce the palace fighting the eventual winner.

this selection will last two months, collect public vote, and will be held at the eighth annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster grand awards ceremony. In participating awards, the organizers made reference to experts, business services and public user views, set up excellent early Internet business park, investment and financing institutions, business services and technology providers and other dozens of awards for business services, will also look to the cafe of entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship theme on popular open platform mechanism, entrepreneurship training. Tencent technology, Phoenix technology, "start-up state", "spray network" and other well-known media will pay attention to the progress of activities and reports.


China Internet entrepreneurship service value list selection address: http://s.t>

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