new union white collar dating registration 1 5 yuan exclusive1000P star forum earns 12000 yuan a m

new union white collar dating registration 1 5 yuan exclusive1000P star forum earns 12000 yuan a m

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good pull, and hope to work together with everyone, do stand to innovation HA, I never do any advertising alliance what, making money is very simple, by thinking and catching opportunities,.

4. in Hunan, Zhuzhou buy FANS special clothing, the cost price of 18 components, bought 100 pieces, sell 50 component + group, plus 10 yuan to send a hat.

photos come here, and bought on Taobao, 70 yuan, 1 sets, copy 100 sets, sold in the forum later, the price of 138 sets, half a month has sold more than 30 sets

station very food

3. opened 5 group, organize FANS to participate in some activities of the star, FANS at their own expense, join group 50 yuan a, send FANS clothing, plus 10 yuan to send a hat,

well, that’s the way to make a profit. I hope everyone will support bbs.admin5, by the way, my 09 year profit plan.


buy locally, buy more than $200, burn + copy, sell 200/,


new occasion exclusive promotion 1.5 yuan a white-collar friends, I hope everyone will try to see the effect, and its registration process is simple, there are more than N, so you feel funny boot, creativity will bring you a lot of surprises. What’s more, it can bring you more benefits.

. Price: 1.5 yuan / each registered user data.
data: the next day settlement settlement:

5. in Hunan, Zhuzhou to buy FANS exclusive travel cap, the cost price of 2 yuan, joined the group free to send,

our registration address is www.myiee

Hello, hello again, my forum ID: reputation is the hard truth 752342. today we bring the profit of practice, the Star Tribune also crazy. So, some time ago to bring you some original profit plan later, by a lot of users welcome, some do stand with my brother , about the profit, and very glad to communicate with you, ha, I do.

in a lot of friends, I noticed a XX star friends in the forum, the interface is very clear, in a conversation, the forum at present except hang mom and GG advertising, no other real earnings, more than 2500 registered members, XX all star " fans; " the. How to make money, we are such cooperation,

2. collects all of the star’s works, including movies + records + photos of some events. once with very little IP month profit, 2W, now restart, complete 09 years every month collect 2W www.gezihk new station, complete 09 years from the month close 15000

some profit methods may be a little idiot, everyone do not spray today brought us: Star forum is also crazy.

1. sells the star signature photo + private life photo.

hopes to support each other and win a win-win situation.

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