SkyDrive originator Dropbox teamed Goldman Sachs ready to submit the listing document as soon as pos

SkyDrive originator Dropbox teamed Goldman Sachs ready to submit the listing document as soon as pos

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With the core consumer business rapidly approaching commercialization, Dropbox has had to distinguish itself from another service and choice portfolio,

, when observers try to compare between the company and other enterprise file sharing services, it begins to emphasize its technology – especially in terms of speed and simplicity. In the market, Box is the most natural comparable, which could pose a problem for Dropbox valuations as it tries to list.

the company reached $10 billion valuation earlier in the past 10 years, setting off a euphoric boom in consumer startups, but later due to the large companies to provide free file storage and sharing and frustration.


TechWeb reported on July 28th news, according to foreign media reports, SkyDrive founder Dropbox may take another step in the IPO process of its slow, is currently working with Goldman Sachs, ready to submit documents as soon as possible in this year.


since Blue, Apron, IPO become a disaster, after the listing of Snap shares fell sharply, now Dropbox cautious point is also appropriate. yoyo


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is certain that the company has been bragging about its business success. Earlier this year, the company said its revenues amounted to $1 billion as a result of its growing business services. The company also said it has reached 500 million subscribers.

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Dropbox’s initial public offering IPO to get another coveted "leading edge", will be another task of the line, which is the Dropbox after many years of business uncertainty, finally be able to test the initial public offering IPO another letter no..

reports that the company expects to hire Goldman Sachs as the chief consultant for the IPO process.

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