Pay attention to women’s entrepreneurial dreams good rent charm goddess festival to send trench cer

Pay attention to women’s entrepreneurial dreams good rent charm goddess festival to send trench cer

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as China’s leading Internet office service platform, concerned about each entrepreneur’s dream and future, is a good rent unchanged intention. In order to better encourage entrepreneurship, good rental set up a special consultancy service for start-up companies, consultants average three years experience, understanding of business district and housing, you can maximize the efficiency of the search room. In addition, rent mall provides all services to enterprises in the early build post office scene for entrepreneurs, will be provided by the supplier service re packaging, achieve standardization, fine operation, so that customers no longer have the menace from the rear. At the same time, the cost of the suppliers will be taken out, redistributed and offered to entrepreneurs who adhere to their dreams.



five, sustainable development,

during the event, the female customers in Beijing CBD, Wangjing seven District rent professional accompanied by the broker to the field house, enjoy good rent professional advisory services at the same time the location obtained by rent prepared with hand bag. On the day of completion of the site and the signing of the mall service female customers, but also received a good rental Jingdong shopping card. Send gifts site showings, free shuttle bus, there are two professional brokers accompanied provide reference, good for every detail in the service, have won the women entrepreneurs praise and good service reputation.

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the past two years, in the male dominated in venture capital circles blew up a "she, her entrepreneurial economy" tide, female capitalists have incoming female entrepreneurs in various fields shine, resigned from CCTV business famous host Zhang Quanling, the movie star Carina Lau fun wine electricity supplier is one of the leaders. However, the entrepreneurial path more difficult, in order to encourage women entrepreneurs, March 7th -3 month 8 days during the period of rent held "charm goddess Festival rent etiquette benefits activities, so that the majority of women entrepreneurs feel good intentions and intimate rental service.

The establishment of

1. Can I be accepted,

looking at the domestic business environment, although it suffered the so-called "winter capital", but there are statistics, as of December 2016, Chinese venture capital market involving a total of $39 billion 710 million, compared to previous years, only 0.2% of the fluctuations, especially the most active areas of the Internet industry is still in business, the Internet industry annual disclosure of investment in 1328 cases, the scale of investment is high $17 billion 268 million in rent service customer groups, start-up companies is the most important part of the IT Internet technology companies accounted for more than 40% users, group structure and entrepreneurial trend match.

when there is a good idea, want to do a out of the ordinary network products, the first step is to think China can be accepted by the law, because democracy Chinese is not a real sense, so many things are not going to do, for example, the government network decryption. The second step is to think about whether it can be accepted by the public. Because of the great cultural differences between China and the west, it is necessary to determine whether the idea or product is in line with the popular tastes of the Chinese people.

for the future good for how to further improve the development, to better serve the entrepreneurs, rent founder and CEO Xianyang Song said the same for entrepreneurs, they know that every entrepreneur is hard, good rent will demand from the subtle thoughtful entrepreneurs, constantly optimize the location service for office service industry standards, reduce the price intermediate links, to provide the most convenient and efficient products and services for entrepreneurs.

target customers is the key to an Internet product profit, when determining the selection of target customers will naturally appear profit model, the profit model will directly determine the change of Internet products operating mode, so must think carefully.

think, change, creative, if formed, the shortest possible length of time after the profit, the number is roughly how much?. Profitability is our ultimate goal of Internet products, and to determine its rate of return for the operation and development of this product is of great significance.

input here is not just about money. It includes human cost, material cost and time cost. If the input required exceeds the scope of your ability, you must revise the creative scheme.

four, expected return

two, target customer base and profit model

combined with internet entrepreneurs, first of all to be creative, there are new ideas, and secondly, consider whether the idea is enough practical, how much certainty can succeed. Therefore, before the Internet start-ups, you need to make the following ideas for your own creativity.

however, unrealistic madness often requires strong capital support, but for entrepreneurs, capital is a short board, so in the beginning to understand the actual situation, to allow yourself to make what things.

three, how much investment will



if you want to operate an Internet product for a long time, you need to think about whether it can continue to develop, whether the future has a greater probability of being replaced by other products, and whether the future can grow and transform smoothly.

the Internet industry is a crazy business, often full of lunatics, crazy, and successful.

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