Yu Yongfu China Mobile nternet facing a collective Nanyang opportunityScience and technology circle

Yu Yongfu China Mobile nternet facing a collective Nanyang opportunityScience and technology circle

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is the mobile Internet development of the first areas, there are many lessons in this market, but we will divide the market alone, because of the endogeneity of the two markets is quite obvious, basically inside the industry influential companies and business models, are from the local students.

the past is gone and the best we have is what we are going to do. So, in the spring of 2017 and this year we promise not to redefine spring, our system will have some heavyweight upgrades. Practically speaking, our software interaction and product design capabilities have always been superfluous. As you all know, an operating system, a software, and a human-computer interaction are the two dimensions of usability and non use. The basic function of usability is that these two dimensions are equally important.

is a mobile phone to sell, is a complex project. Do a business, is to put all of the short board are filled, not by a few long board can the thing. We do several generations of products, more or less there are some bruising.

in 2016, China’s mobile phone average price rose more than 230 yuan. In fact, after the upgrade, we want to buy something better, not cheaper things, like our last October 18th release of the M series of mobile phones, a total of four prices, it is best to sell the most expensive. In this sense, I think, the quality of the line is still correct, the product line below 1000 yuan, we have to cut off.

Yu Yongfu: we made a decision at the end of 2009 to explore the global market, when it was about whether to play East or west. In order to choose our own route of development, we asked ourselves a few questions.

to some extent, I think the Chinese companies must go to the countryside and encircle the city and this route will be successful. To become an international enterprise, you must prove your ability to go out before you prove it

developing overseas markets involves the problems of road map, organizational structure and talent echelon construction. HUAWEI has two large-scale international, once a surprise attack on the U.S. market, failed. The second time is to hit developing countries first and then to the developed countries. You will find this strategy very similar to that of Chairman Mao’s rural encircling the city.


Feng Xin’s rock label and reading tag are still there, and talking about these two points, he also said that VR is the biggest impact on him products. Although the first half of 2016, "VR bubble" is very fierce, "see him from high-rise buildings, see his high-rise collapse," but also very normal. But he thinks VR’s direction is 100% correct.

was bought by sh419 for $1 billion 900 million. As a representative of mobile phone browser, Yu Yongfu apparently want to stand in the side of Web, App and Web, he believes that common prosperity will be the long-term pattern of mobile Internet, so UC is pushing the UC+ open platform for Web and App plugin. In some non high frequency requirements and long tail demand, even if Html5 still takes several years to mature, browsers are still a very important gateway.


has been sailing: many people believe that the mobile Internet is the global market, because of the App, Store, shlf1314, Play global platform, the market began to become flat, how do you see

once sailed: what did UC think of entering the India market,

South Korea

in order to make himself like a mature entrepreneur, there is a show in front of the public should look like, Luo Yonghao spent a little effort. After work, he often worked with the hammer’s public relations director and practiced a few words. So, in the geek Park Innovation Conference, he is still gold sentence constantly, but did not name Tucao friends, just reflect on the past mistakes hammer, but also said that in 2017, guaranteed not to redefine spring.

these markets, the United States market is the most open, while Japan and South Korea are the most open. China belongs to the middle, half of which is especially open and half closed. The developing countries, including India, are particularly open and dominant markets. Developing countries, such as India, have a hard time with local leaders.

Yu Yongfu: there is a big difference between mobile Internet and PC. PC is a global market, and mobile Internet is a global market with obvious regional characteristics. UC divides the global mobile Internet into 4 regions: Europe, America, China, Japan and Korea, and developing countries.

Luo Yonghao: the hammer used to invest too much energy in seemingly useless places,


‘s 91 – month – long battle between Web and App seems to have come up with new answers after

the mistake we have made over the past few years is that we spend too much energy on seemingly useless places. But in the past, we invested about 50% of our effort in both non practicality and practicality. So, in the future, our software and operating system upgrades will take 80% of our effort to practical applications, and spend 20% of our energy on those improvements


, Luo Yonghao, Lei Jun and Feng Xin at the new NewSeed editor:

the first time we found that sh419 hit Japan, paying a high price, the effect is very bad. Later, we studied Chinese enterprises, the most successful overseas market, who is HUAWEI?. We began to study the internationalization of HUAWEI.

Lei Jun is still performing in line with his technical background, frankly answer every question, for example, millet MIX is playing, it does not matter how much money spent. Because 5 years ago a "go to design" is a higher design, was scolded miserably, he also specially explained everyone misunderstood him.

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