A business to continue for ten years the anxiety and sense of crisis rebate network CEO Ge Yongchang

A business to continue for ten years the anxiety and sense of crisis rebate network CEO Ge Yongchang

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"every day anxiety, long-term crisis." This is Ge Yongchang founded rebate network ten years experience.


rebate Network Office Park

ten years ago, the rebate network including Ge Yongchang only three people, offices in Ge Yongchang’s living room. Now the rebate network there are three buildings located in a phase two and two office park, the number of employees over 800 people.

engineering graduates involved in the Internet

it’s time to meet Ge Yongchang.

rebate network founder and CEO Ge Yongchang

only met chat genius will establish a preliminary understanding of a person, to understand why the "can do poineering work again, adhere to ten years, and in the Internet giant enclosure of the environment, can still maintain a steady development trend.

rebate network two office park

met Ge Yongchang, he can be seen wearing glasses, keep neat short hair, wearing a white shirt, sitting in the two office park on the first floor of the hall, talking very polite.

Ge Yongchang, 80, graduated from Tongji University in Shanghai, read the school of civil engineering surveying engineering of the school’s most famous, but he was more interested in the Internet, after graduation directly into the Internet industry. In 2005, Ge Yongchang, a senior engineer in the United States, Internet Co Soft (Pactec), responsible for web development and project management.

During the

, Ge Yongchang noticed that there is such a business model, consumers to access other shopping sites through a web site, you can get a extra cash back, this site is Ebates famous American rebate website. It makes him remember.

after Ge Yongchang decided to study this is called "rebate" mode. At that time, this model has grown more mature in the United States, but no one in the country, Ge Yongchang said excitedly.

in 2006, saw the "rebate" model for Ge Yongchang’s resignation of entrepreneurship. He started by 100 thousand yuan of business, in their own living room and established the "rebate network".

The original

rebate network or diversion of electronic business platform, do website flow supply business platform shopping guide. This is Ge Yongchang called "rebate 1 times".

is not always driving in the fast lane

2010, rebate network obtained by Qiming Disney’s steamboat ventures and millions of dollars A round of development into the fast lane.

November 21, 2012, the cumulative net rebate rebate amount exceeded one hundred million yuan, so far has been with Taobao, Tmall, Amazon and other Jingdong, more than and 400 business platform to establish a cooperative relationship.

want to know the rebate website itself.

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