After the shlf1314 AdSense statement was Japanese Chinese downtimeMake coins for free through PC tut

After the shlf1314 AdSense statement was Japanese Chinese downtimeMake coins for free through PC tut

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process to earn coinsAfter the

2, open the page or click the "install now"

register installation section

2, if you don’t see this icon, you can open the IE menu bar "tool T menu, open the" PC egg ", as follows:

11, and finally click "Install". When it is installed, it pops up a window and clicks on "new user registration"". After the installation, you may be prompted to "restart the computer", ignore him, you can register after the restart of the computer.

12, carefully fill in the new user registration information, after writing, click "confirm submission."".

3, a simple look at "PC". The terms of service users, tick the "I have read the terms of service users PC eggs", then "I agree".

1, first open:

1, you have successfully installed the PC egg, you will find that adds a golden egg icon in your browser toolbar, click on this icon to open the PC ".

10, continue, "continue."".

7", when an installation wizard appears, click continue".

registration and installation, the following began to earn coins.

3, open the PC egg, PC egg left for the action bar, click on the fork will be closed PC egg, click on the PC LOGO PC will be transferred to the egg egg’s official website, click on the down arrow will pop PC. Click on the menu in the menu, the content will be > browse

13, OK! Registered, please remember your ID login, after earning Q coins on him. After you sign up, restart your computer.

earn Q coins for free through PC tutorial. ." , 01:30 am on June 10th. There was an error accessing shlf1314 AdSense. The page was turned to the error prompt page of shlf1314 AdSense. On this page, tips for various mainstream languages are included. The English explanation in the first row, followed by the Japanese, simplified Chinese but came in sixth.

Attached: shlf1314 AdSense

error page:

The shlf1314 AdSense website is


and number of hands and, or mount ICDRG: coding language and O ~ masu and surprised: ICDRG: ~ masu.

Die shlf1314 AdSense-Website ist

Wir entschuldigen UNS fü

Le site shlf1314 AdSense EST


6 will soon be turned on. If your XP is a computer, it will pop up a security warning window again and click "run"".

5, this installation package is small, you can point directly to "run", without saving to the computer.

8, simply look at the license agreement, click "I accept the agreement", and then click "continue."".

" In

9, select the location of the installation, and then click "continue"".

4, enter "PC’s installation package to download" page, click "download PC

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