Ten years ago 800 thousand to sell the house business ten years later 4 million of the year’s hou

Ten years ago 800 thousand to sell the house business ten years later 4 million of the year’s hou

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in this process, you will experience some unexpected difficulties, risks, accidents, and these negative obstacles can not be solved only by the struggle of blood.

      Internet is the world of the strong? Will the strong win alone? We never agree with you. We hope for the small website, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide a platform, so that they can fully recognize each other, let seems unreal network advertising has become a real commodity, small and medium-sized websites and small and medium-sized enterprises each one takes what he needs.

 ,  ,  , Ali, Alimama. What’s the difference between a web site and a web site?

      why should Ali’s mother be set up Alimama?

entrepreneurship is not just a good idea,

the vast majority of young people only see the entrepreneurial aura, but underestimated the difficulty of entrepreneurship.

have you ever seen CEO after 90, 95, or even 98?.

they are currently young entrepreneurs the main force, the majority have good ideas and energy, also can meet connected partners and entrepreneurial dream team in the University, stunning, but the idea is not mature enough.

it is the need for more entrepreneurs in the community network, the real available resources, background and see essence through the phenomenon of insight, these people can not give, take 5 years or even 10 years of slow accumulation, entrepreneurs need to fill their own experience, step by step to step out of the road.

entrepreneurship is an investment,

      at the same time, the most dynamic SMEs in Chinese enterprises are still hesitating: enterprises need to develop, not only need technical innovation, but also need marketing innovation. However, in China’s increasingly mature media industry, the problem of high prices and the lack of accurate delivery have greatly hindered the advertising of small and medium-sized enterprises. A large number of advertisers can not find suitable websites to promote their products.

              Alimama is ideal for online advertising market building an open, fair and honest, any website can be hung in the market to sell their own website advertising, can realize their value, even if only one day this site visits. In this market all advertisers, whether you are a small business owner, is a self-employed households, or freedom of occupation, or you only have a shop, you can find suitable for their own advertising, can easily achieve the promotion on the internet.

is a multi dimensional storming process,

today’s entrepreneurs difficult, although the national entrepreneurship boom after another, some people get rich overnight million net worth, but the vast majority of people after a little income, is likely to stand still, even lose everything.

business is not a bright applause of the moment, in contrast, is one of difficulties and hardships, road resistance and long struggle, it needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources and time, to be completely ready to fail.

had a Tencent veteran quit business, will be very valuable Tencent shares discount as start-up capital, entrepreneurial profits and bought a nice car, he was very happy with the Tencent, other friends said: "a struggle just bought a car, if it is.


 :     Alimama provides online advertising trading platform, providing advertising, advertising, data monitoring, effect evaluation >

a businessman ten years ago by 800 thousand in Shenzhen sold his house in Nanshan District, entrepreneurship by 1629, after 10 years of hard struggle, he finally made a millionaire for himself, and earned 4 million when he sold the house to buy back…

Abstract: I came out to start business in order to realize my dream. But while I’m enjoying myself, I can’t let my family take the risk of starting a business with me. I have prepared two things, first, to ensure that there is a live carefree family house; second left home 2 million, enough to have plenty of food and clothing.

entrepreneurship is not that simple. It’s not a beginning, it’s a hard, painful, seemingly endless process.

30 or even more than 40 of entrepreneurs still feel inadequate resources, can not resist the competition of the same kind, just out of the campus, and even did not go out of school children, and how to use the book knowledge to deduce the market changes,


      China’s Internet development and change over the past decade, there are bubbles, there are floating, there is precipitation. However, the value of a large number of small and medium-sized websites has always been seriously underestimated, they can not find their own advertisers, the development of the site is thus greatly limited.

      the public is well aware that the charm of the Internet lies in its openness and interaction. No matter whether the elderly, official weight, as long as on the Internet, all the people stood on the same starting line. Like the vast numbers of Internet users, small and medium-sized websites are also an important part of the Internet world. They cover all areas of the Internet world, creating 80% of the Internet traffic in china. However, high pay and no high returns, small and medium-sized sites did not share their share of the cake: rough estimate, the current small and medium-sized sites only received 10% of the entire Internet advertising value.

chooses the road, kneels also must walk

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