Outsourcing in the growth of start up companiesThe second batch of college student list exposure mon

Outsourcing in the growth of start up companiesThe second batch of college student list exposure mon

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of course, in the process of outsourcing, there are still a few points to note is worthy of attention and circumvent the entrepreneurial team.

as a business enterprise of CEO, not what than frequently training a new external cooperation, and the author as soon as the next day devoid of such things more difficult. Therefore, before starting formal work, some challenging tasks can be given as a test, of course, such tasks should be targeted. For example, I once asked an outsourced partner to set up a WordPress blog before starting formal work, and asked UI to be beautiful and easy to publish. Because of the subsequent tasks associated with this, this collaboration has become very smooth, and maintained for quite a long time.

· data entry

· art design;


error two: without the ability to approve outsourcing parties, hastily cooperate with


· research and development of non core products and functions

released 9 members this week, further confirms the diversity of students. With the background of the 18 students, it is easy to see the stern of the monster Academy on the choice of members and the unique layout of the community. These students is not only a serial entrepreneur, almost all of them have experienced at least one cross-border attempt, monster is also hoping to institute them from experience refining output, creating opportunities for these master blows can knock out more spark close.




error 1: wrap up tasks that should not be outsourced,

· online promotion like SEO, social media promotion

monster krypton, krypton space under the banner of the Institute of science and technology products, released at the end of April. Faced with the industry’s venture capital training industry has red sea questioned, monster academy selected the first phase of the elite continuous entrepreneurs, and advocate "no mentors, since the output, strong interaction" innovative training concept.


‘s list of members of this exposure include:

error three: only pay attention to technology and ignore communication ability,

College is the 36

had a telephone conversation with the boss of a SEO agency a few months ago. She hopes to find someone to help her users build an external chain. I immediately told her that there were many companies and individuals who could provide such services overseas. You can find it through some online outsourcing platforms. Her reaction was staggering. "It’s crazy to outsource overseas, but we’re going through the world today, every day and every night.". Through this stage outsourcing, outsourcing companies, not only quickly into the development of new products, and these provide outsourcing services team is likely to have higher professional than hiring employees.

· software development;

then what jobs are suitable for outsourcing,

The date of

‘s article on VentureBeat offers an interesting interpretation of how a growing start-up company can outsource its work to speed up product growth and reduce the risk of corporate expansion. Especially in the risk of circumvention, we provide five suggestions. translator

, since the release of the monster, made clear the first class structure: the field of science and technology founder +20% 60% traditional enterprise boss +10% famous VC +10% general partner from other media, head of bank executives, star entrepreneurs and government backbone etc.. In early May, the monster on the release of the first batch of 9 college students list, containing 4 A wheel company founder, CEO B, the 3 round of the company founder, CEO, the 2 top investment partner, the total valuation reached 4 billion.


don’t just pursue the cost advantages of outsourcing, such as enterprise core technology, need more creativity and experience Translator: not at all, key customer related information, this kind of work should be conducted within the team.

this is a very common mistake. Many >

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