The legendary business stories of companies that become business singularitiesSatisfaction hot line

The legendary business stories of companies that become business singularitiesSatisfaction hot line

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Alexander library and shlf1314 book

estimates roughly more than 100 tribes around the world, mostly in the Amazon basin and new guinea. Most tribes are unable to meet, the language barrier, the information is always closed in a very small circle.

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"the roof of Africa," said Ethiopia is located in eastern Africa, but not great country with more than 80 nationalities, including the Carol is a very small minority girls in the family, Carlo after puberty, often have to endure pain, in the chest and abdomen, with a knife cut on the skin some of the hole, and then to a large number of bamboo sticks inserted into the wound, and they show a certain pattern. Thus, after the wound is healed, carefully crafted patterns are retained in their chest and abdomen. In order to attract the attention of men, they also use white, black, yellow, and red ochre pigment to depict the various patterns on the face and body.

Facebook News Feed "trends", make friends among the information on instant and push two logic, the flow of information becomes faster, what new friends can see, click on the page.

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in the first quarter of 2014, the number of Facebook active users DAU was 609 million, and its daily active users have become the third largest country in the world, only with China and India. Facebook has more than 1 billion 200 million registered households and has become a veritable "social Kingdom".

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has been in the technological singularity before most people are aware of it. Those who are considered successful companies in the world is to promote scientific and technological transformation at the singularity, in addition to the legendary story, these wonderful experience comes from the commercial company singularity in technical innovation.

Facebook breaks the geographical boundaries between people, freeing relationships and feelings from small tribes.

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core tip Commercial singularity companies are not only successful, but by leading the technological singularity, their positive impact on society has broken the traditional pattern.


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on Facebook, flirting became an art form. Personal information is looking for: "alternative answers include" dating "," a relationship, "" any playmate "," anyone can. "". One of the functions, Poke, "makes you laugh" makes flirting extremely easy.

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