How to make money on the network earned monthly millionFrom the perspective of establishment of succ

How to make money on the network earned monthly millionFrom the perspective of establishment of succ

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in order to realize the website profit, it is natural to optimize the website. The website optimization can bring us two benefits

month million yuan!

first bought an old corn

1: advertising League is very important,

because of my site about 50 to one, some time ago to update algorithm in sh419, the new purchase of a number of doing station domain name has not updated snapshot, some stations even directly by sh419 K, this situation is not before, this may be because sh419 update algorithm of domain name change website template monitoring more stringent, so, when I buy a domain name, domain name I hung is not buying. After negotiating with my friend, I bought a domain name in 2005 with 150 yuan.

Wangzhuan forum is a high conversion rate of IP profit model, the author was to do the sh419 alliance, in the update algorithm after some time ago sh419, my 50% site sh419 snapshot is frozen, lost a snapshot of the website traffic line down. Income is also worse every day, because there is a server and a VPS for each month, had to temporarily hang sh419 alliance website put first, looking for a new website profit point, after in the webmaster forum and senior webmaster exchange, found that nowadays do Wangzhuan forum efficiency is also good. Such sites are mostly forums, profitable way for members and home BANNER advertising, IP conversion rate is quite high, a IP may be directly converted to 100 yuan, or even higher. I decided to do a forum.

, sh419 and shlf1314, sh419 ranking to rely more on the weights of the domain name, my Wangzhuan forum is not from sh419 traffic generation, it must be in the rankings down a little effort, I chose the long tail word and old domain name site, so maybe there will be a hot line of life, keywords although the index is very high, but the competition is very intense, a short time is difficult to sh419 ranking, in a mind to sell the domain name friends there, I bought a 2005 old domain name,


four, VPS choice can not be careless, often dropped, packet loss, speed, as far as possible not to use


now to tell us about what advertising is better to make money, the preferred course is shlf1314, then you can find some pop ads to do, this income is still good, but simply by the above two methods to do Wangzhuan, certainly not make million, it would have to use electronic business network function

advertising this profit model we should be very familiar, because many people do the intention is to give website advertising, but many people do not know the benefits of advertising alliance, and how to get better income through advertising, if you do this, choose a good advertising alliance is very important!


three: do website, website or information publishing website

many people will think this is not a site navigation. In fact this website I introduce is derived from the navigation website, but beyond the navigation site, because the site has been from the original navigation website big and complete, but professional navigation website, such as the production shop site, group purchase. Is very popular, but also by the love of many people, so your website traffic is large, and through your site can also bring a lot of traffic flow, and these are basically the conversion rate is relatively high, so there are a lot of people to your site to buy, so you can make a lot of

many people do Wangzhuan have not meet every month to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, now the standard of living is so high, if only to achieve such level basically this Wangzhuan is not for a long time, so make million as many of our workers network goal, but how to make million it is not a simple matter, here is combining the experience to the site itself and we explore the methods about how to realize the

sites can be built in space, servers, and V>

above is how to make monthly earned three yuan profit, profit way, and then is how to realize these kinds of profit, and I recommend to you two methods:

DISCUZ! Forum function is very powerful, security is also done very closely, I downloaded a set of open-source BBS source code, debugging and modify the program in this machine. Here to the point you are warned, do not use the domain name access on the website, if sh419 crawl to your domain name, give you a snapshot, but you will undergo major modifications to the title keywords in the establishment of the time, this happens to be a taboo thing that sh419, sh419 is likely to think you often change the title and template, directly will give you K out, is equal to the site was strangled in the cradle.

three, DISCUZ forum has established my Wangzhuan forum.

with a natural weight in GDCompared to

1: do the website SEO

two, the choice of domain names are exquisite,


two: do e-commerce, improve site conversion rate

another good way is to do Wangzhuan e-commerce, such as B2C or B2B, and C2C, is also the guest alliance, now the sale of things on the Internet has become a way It is quite common for some, taobao shopkeepers have annual sales to more than 100 million yuan, Taobao also can carve up to every guest millions of cake, visible do Taobao is a big customer or do e-commerce money, if you want to do a month million yuan it should first improve their website conversion rate, not only to improve website traffic

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