Why pan entertainment business platform thinking does not work

Why pan entertainment business platform thinking does not work

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Tencent proposed pan entertainment concept has been five years, until today, whether it is investment, entrepreneurship, career and even daily communication, pan entertainment this hot is difficult to be bypassed. With the NetEase, Huayi Brothers, Ali and other giants of the board, as well as countless entrepreneurs to join the pan entertainment has become the industry recognized one of the eight trends in the development of the internet".

pan entertainment covers a wide range of literature, animation, film and television, music, games, derivatives, etc. can be incorporated into the scope of Pan entertainment. For this reason, pan entertainment has become a lot of entrepreneurs nuggets, IP has become one of the most concerned about the past two years, one of the terms. But unlike other areas of entrepreneurship, O2O, VR, etc., are trying to build a platform for the business model, in the pan entertainment industry does not seem so effective.

pan entertainment industry status: IP become the absolute core

pan entertainment concept and the emergence of the cultural system reform is not unrelated, and even can be understood as the Internet industry convergence phenomenon. This industry has never been a lack of giants, and has never been a lack of platform, both BAT and other IT industry heavyweights, but also Huayi Brothers and other movie giants, IP has become a hard currency to maintain different nuggets.

IP Chinese interpretation of intellectual property rights, can be a story, a role or other things that can bring attention to fans. With IP as the core benefit, is to meet the giants of the ecological industrial layout, also created the famous "initial opportunities for entrepreneurs.

let’s take a look at how the so-called giants are layout.

Tencent is the first to see the company tuyere, as early as 2012 announced its pan entertainment strategy, has covered the game, film and television, animation, literature, music, five areas. The typical idea is to create a platform around the star IP entertainment ecology. The first is merged with royal literature reading group, strengthen the original IP creation and access, then set up a Tencent Penguin pictures and pictures, through literature, animation, games, video and other content platform. Behind it, Tencent has become the largest online game platform, with a strong IP resources. And through the establishment of original animation platform, and Disney of the creative development of cooperation in the field of animation to make up the short board. In addition, Tencent also invested huge amounts of money in the QQ music copyright.

this model is being copied by other Internet giants". A series of platform Ali has music, literature, Ali Ali Ali pictures, Ali Ali at the beginning of the game, and through the acquisition of one group, investment behavior A station to further expand the pan entertainment industry pattern. It is the same with Baidu, Iqiyi, PPS and other video platform under the flag, and Taihe music merged Baidu music, Baidu secretly made film division, Baidu literature, Baidu mobile games and so on. Even the low-key NetEase, in addition to its own advantages in the game

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