KingCMS local portal system KingCMS local portal program portal system a networkJoin UU or run e

KingCMS local portal system KingCMS local portal program portal system a networkJoin UU or run e

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when you are out of the country, you want to send a blessing to your relatives and friends

who like to run errands, delivery / team to provide complete solutions scheduling background + business + distribution end member APP, CO tenants automatic / manual billing into the group or assigned to the people, multi program automatically calculates the delivery fee payable, or to grab a single delivery staff to send a single scan code single / single relay, coordinate reporting / mass notification / salary settlement, seamless open three delicacy delivery system, easily receiving meituan, hungry, sh419 takeaway platform orders.

A5 Forum phase 555 is hot review this group buy, immediately participate in interactive: http://s.bbs.admin5/thread-6234494-1-1.html

———————- reminder developing

, we can consider starting with a distribution team.


in short, it’s something you don’t do. No matter big or small, strange or trivial, you can go to the running team to solve it.

      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;         toll free hotline: 400-655-1955

, we’re running errands with UU, and now it’s really a good choice, with the power of UU, the power of the platform, the instant development, lots of good orders.


when you’re hungry at night and you don’t want to get up,

why not out of his own, to establish their own distribution team

, if you’re not here, the family is in a hurry to do

need how many money?In the early part of

if you have completed the group operation on this page, you can also post in the above post, we will give you A5 points.



    sorry pro, we are sorry to inform you that the current group is over and no longer enjoy the Group buy price concessions. You can choose:
          1, directly to the official price 1999 yuan to buy or
          2, go to the mall to buy low discount price: etuan/deal/569< br /

      more preferential product as in a mall: etuan/goods   

the introduction:

run errands industry more and more fire, more and more people want to get a cup of soup, then add large errands platform, such as UU these errands feasible? If it is his own, then registered to run errands company

when you are busy with your work and want to buy something, you can’t get rid of it,


         ; KingCMS local portal system V2.2, the original price of 1999 yuan, buy only $999! Similar software, the most qualified, the best use of the CMS, the system sophisticated, simple learning, personal Adsense can operate a person, has a unique management concept, can be arbitrary! KingCMS one-stop solution >


Kawa Kuni, Xingan takeaway, Tieling happy to send, more and more people began to use this knife in the run, king of fierce battle, they run through continuous optimization management to improve human efficiency, also explored other city distribution revenue model, increase the distribution of brand promotion. At the same time, they began to use the brand effect to assemble themselves

there is a rush to the hands of the guests, you don’t have time to

?City distribution system such as

, but people only remember UU, ah, I do not know you. Moreover, more and more people join the UU platform, many people come to share a piece of big cake, and everyone can imagine it. Moreover, when problems arise on the platform, the user complaints platform, the platform will only push the error to the distribution staff. When it comes to the interests of the platform, "distribution team" can only be accepted passively, without negotiating qualifications. Once you leave the platform, your earlier struggles are likely to come to nothing.

, which beautiful woman do you want to see, but shy and shy to show up when you want to send flowers?

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