The nternet to find part time jobs to make money 20 years of leading industry has become the most h

The nternet to find part time jobs to make money 20 years of leading industry has become the most h

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three years later, the warehouse was finally born. From $40 million in hardware to $16 million in software, this is a heavily armed storage system with a dedicated distribution team around the warehouse.


"users order a cup of soybean milk on the Internet, which can be sent to the user before the soy milk goes bad."."

Silicon Valley business, never lack of fairy hero. Elite schools, dropouts, garages…… These words in a cult, gradually evolved into entrepreneurship fashionable standard.

Webvan survived in the Internet bubble in 2000, but died in 2001 be caught off guard. Even as the United States business history, even as a failure of the United States in the history of the Internet disaster-ridden.

1, looking for a part-time job, must go to a large and reliable website

Webvan, an online grocery retailer founded in 1996, has been trying to build a warehouse in the first three years without a single customer, trying to storm the fresh industry.

so, which shows the importance of looking for a reliable website! Find so many sites, I found on the Shanghai region, Kijiji Shanghai channel www.ganji market, part-time part-time, part-time network Shanghai Shanghai section of these websites are very good! That is offered to provide a free platform for the exchange of information and the relatively large amount of

started operation from warehouse in May and received the first order in June and IPO in August. Even if the company’s actual revenue is only $4 million, but Webvan initial public offering raised $400 million, the market value and even rushed to $15 billion.



found a reliable web site, so start browsing, one can also find information, through the station search, search for their counterparts in the part-time job, the general amount of site information are very large, you certainly have the right to work. Take me >

is at that point in time, as far away as the United States, there is a fashionable start-up company – Webvan. As a fresh online retailer on O2O, Webvan is 20 years ahead of the O2O model we know today.

1999, Webvan officially announced their online sales, offline delivery O2O mode, users only need to click the mouse, fancy goods can be delivered within 30 minutes. With a popular phrase to describe: "

said, when I was a school of art and design, nature is the hope to do some graphic design work, money will come faster, how helpless, there is no way we no way, to find a job is really not easy, always pay attention to the Shanghai local newspaper what, this kind of recruit personnel information is less and less, occasionally a, or even to full-time, ah……

The development of



all the time, especially in the Internet bubble boiling before 2000, after the entrepreneurs are doing a dream — only by inspiration and ideas can be CEO, IPO, overnight.

I was looking for a part-time job on the Internet. I found a lot of subtle places. Some part-time websites were opened by talent agencies, which surprised me. I also lamented that the network environment is really chaotic these days. You know, we actually do a part-time job generally do not want to find an intermediary, because the first intermediary will collect some registration fee or take some commission, secondly, the current intermediary market confusion, some intermediary ask your entry fee what, let you go home and live, then was lost. In the past, I did see a similar report in the newspaper. Of course, there are good intermediaries, but it depends on your luck.


do not know because their excess energy, although there is a stable job, but it is time to sent in his spare time, make life more fulfilling, before playing online games, later found to burn too much, will not continue. But that reminds me why I don’t use this free time to do a little part-time job, so that I can earn money and live a full life!

so, in the choice of part-time websites, be sure to be careful, find large, professional websites, what kind of talent services, the company’s Web site, you have to be careful, may be intermediary. There are websites that desperately want you to join their membership, and then ask you to collect annual fees, saying it will introduce you to work, and so on, you have to be careful about yourself.


so, I try to find a job through part-time website, there is a beginning point of depressed, found online information too miscellaneous too messy, do not know which sites are more reliable, but over the course of this part-time more than half a year, it summed up some experience:

got the money, Webvan’s "serious business" was built in warehouses, 1> in the United States


2 and some suggestions on browsing part-time website information

Rocket soaring

Webvan fully confirms the Internet speed of American Internet start-ups at that time".

this way of shopping Huobian the moment never heard of before the United states. As you can imagine, both the investors and the investors have come to the door to send money crazy. Sequoia, Softbank, Goldman Sachs, YAHOO…… The financing amount exceeds $800 million, and the super luxury management dream team was formed".

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