Four ask four answer relationship between enterprise website and the Shanghai Dragon

Four ask four answer relationship between enterprise website and the Shanghai Dragon

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because we all know the sea love advertisements for advertising, what is for advertising, simple to understand is the high bidder in advertising before! So the first link than the last link is clicked after pay more fee! But after the search engine optimization website, you do not need to pay the love of Shanghai advertising, because it is not the natural ranking PPC

three why Shanghai dragon can find directional customers for enterprise

I’m going to start the

well, being the first to write so much. If you have more questions, this paper continue to update, well, a cool: unfinished, to be continued…

Chinese definition of Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Why can increase exposure rate and sales opportunities! Take a recent example, is our local enterprise

answer: it is easy to understand, for example, the total will be in love with maritime search "hamburger" will have the intention to buy a bike! Hehe, just say! Is a keyword search of the customer in the search engine, is certainly interested in a keyword, or intention so, he will search! Therefore, we call this intention customer oriented customers, so over flow is called directional flow

four: Shanghai Longfeng enterprises do need to operate the


: a general case is Shanghai dragon outsourcing, because an enterprise if you build a Shanghai dragon team, will cost very high! This time, looking for a good reputation, the strength of the Shanghai dragon team to operate more appropriate! Because Shanghai dragon and Phoenix team to support multiple case a number of cases, experience, this was the theory can not be compared, as the saying goes: good brains as bad written, practice! If the company really strong, can also recruit related technical personnel to operate the Shanghai dragon

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LED display, in the love of Shanghai home in the left column search structure there are as many as 11 promotional advertising, the keywords competition is fierce, enterprises for investment funds more than

a question: why should the enterprise website do Shanghai dragon


in question and answer form, I hope the problem is your problem, I hope the answer, can let you have a better understanding of the corporate website of Shanghai dragon



answer: in order to save the cost of the Internet marketing platform, find the directional customers, increase the order, promote income

two why Shanghai dragon can cost savings for the enterprise in the Internet marketing

?Answer: ! LED display!The keyword

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