Love Shanghai not included new second hand domain name to blame

Love Shanghai not included new second hand domain name to blame

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note: the secondary domain name can be used, but must avoid the risk, you can search the website in history database website history, if there is no data that you can use bold. If the domain name has been used for discordant sites, it must not be used.




do this, relieved, no! This is the death of remedial measures, damage to Shanghai has caused the spider love. The remedy is not timely. We should do a 404 page search engine friendly, since the damage is inevitable, then we should timely soothe wounded heart spider. A friendly 404 page should be simple, can lead to a spider, do not do the jump. My experiment site made more than a few steps, within a few days by

during a love Shanghai snapshot display >

then, you have to do is to keep an eye on your web logs, because even if you are banned in the robot.txt spider, often by spiders ignored, so you have to collect them all these crawling records, recorded in an TXT file, to Shanghai Webmaster Platform submitted the death of love. As shown below:

recently a lot of friends complain, love Shanghai not included new sites. I observed in many cases, they have one thing in common: they use a "secondary" domain name, that is to say their domain name before being used, and for website cheating or other reasons, K. The record of the domain name you do stand, will lead to love Shanghai don’t trust on your web site. Every day there are tens of thousands of Internet site closures, domain name out, so this situation is very common.

first, look at this website once that are added to the web site directory, robot.txt, disallow from spiders to crawl. As shown below:

if the domain name has been used in the peer site, it is also a good. I like the experiment site, originally is a foundation to study the website, I used to study in Canada now, it is very suitable. But even so, it will produce a large number of 404 pages, very detrimental to the search engine optimization, so we must do the following operations:


there is a few friends because they want to use domestic space, or love Shanghai to accelerate the music or 360 sites guards suspected the domain name is too troublesome, simply to buy or registered domain name for the record. Did not think of some of the "secondary domain name".


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