How to make the site fast lifting weights and love Shanghai

How to make the site fast lifting weights and love Shanghai

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2) will be submitted to the web site, fast included.

do all of the above steps, the next thing is to do something every day to Shanghai dragon, update the article quantitative timing, the author suggests that around 11 in the morning to update the most timely, the author found that, in the period of post will basically seconds. But many webmaster also have the characteristics of the feedback.

1) issued by the original article above at least 50-100.

is the chain of the next update: every day the chain number should not be too much, can be maintained in the 20-30 chain can be effective, can batch section, such as the morning of the 15 chain (because of frequent to spider), afternoon 10 outside the chain, the evening of 5 chain. This continues, whether the change included snapshot, and the weight will have quality.

three this is easy to say, it can be a certain degree of difficulty, the author takes 贵族宝贝45fan贵族宝贝 as an example, a detailed explanation of the system 3 months how to improve website weight to new ideas and the 4 snapshot.

when a new station is completed, the first thing we need to do the following steps:


but as a grassroots webmaster, accustomed to the daily snapshot of the next update, suddenly one day not updated snapshot, began to worry busy looking for a variety of solutions to the panic, but online solutions are mostly the same, is nothing more than a few:

Since 6.28

3) submitted to each big site directory, such as DMOZ, YAHOO and other domestic classification directory navigation station.

4) regularly go to websites or forums (with signature), now many well-known forums are not allowed novices with signature function, then we can be used instead of pure text links, love Shanghai for pure text outside chain collection and a high degree of friendship.

concluded: Shanghai dragon is a persistence of persistent work >

chain optimization

5) began to exchange Links. Links in quality, rather than quantity. Exchange is the core of Links view each other site outbound links number, and the type of snapshot.

2, to strengthen the quality chain construction


love K station in Shanghai after the incident, the grassroots webmaster can be used to describe the feelings of paranoia. Indeed, I also have this feeling, every day on the computer, group discussion is the most weight and snapshot. Some time ago, the official website of the Shanghai love mystery love Shanghai Lee also pointed out that there is no direct relationship between the quality and the website snapshot.


1, keep original update

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