Do some practice about BBS signature of the chain

Do some practice about BBS signature of the chain

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effect of the best of the chain in the forum signature, a word called anchor text signature, some BBS signature does not support hyperlinks, in this case, the love of Shanghai may be included, but the effect is not good, the rankings have little effect, contact the forum from my point of view, A5 the forum is the best, you know, today was relatively short, if we do not understand the place, please add me Q362388682 Dalian ventilator www.unity-med贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source.

some time ago to write you a few of the chain of the article in the forum, the content of said although the writing is not very deep, but these are down I accumulated in the work of these articles for some people just floating clouds, you may not help much, but as a Shanghai dragon in this field work, rookie, really good look, you can definitely help, if you write to me before more interested, can see before I write a few articles "forum how do the chain will not be deleted" "forum post how do the chain will not be deleted" "improve website optimization work efficiency of the five methods" in front of two articles, today I write this article is about how to make a chain in the forum.

webmaster do the chain is often go to the forum, almost a web site outside of the chain is more in the forum, and using Discuz and PHPWIND program of the forum is relatively common, so before the chain must be clear in the forum, the two forum, some forum signature banned containing links, some the Forum uses the JS output signature, this is absolutely a headache, because we found many posts, love Shanghai not included the chain of your signature, in this case I have a simple way to verify whether the signature is a forum with the JS output, we enter in the search box: site:bbs.***贵族宝贝 love Shanghai (domain) + space + forum signature domain (ban contains COM suffix) if Shanghai did not love the chain your forum signature, then the forum signature is not good use, Using the JS output.

Is the form of hyperlinks

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