Love Shanghai algorithm upgrade can deal with 360 search points on

Love Shanghai algorithm upgrade can deal with 360 search points on

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2, told many webmaster, want to have a good ranking site must comply.

today, love Shanghai webmaster forum also announced the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, we do not add on the specific content, its purpose is the following: 1, to rectify the illegal cheating website; 2, improve the love Shanghai algorithm, provide more effective content to the user, citing a breach of love Shanghai algorithm example.

love is not released Shanghai upgrade algorithm to deal with the 360 search expansion way? Here to give some of their views, only personal views, provide to the webmaster thinking, does not represent any official views.

love Shanghai why the potential algorithm was published, is nothing more than to let more webmaster don’t give up the love of Shanghai, told more stationmaster love Shanghai algorithm constantly adjust, your website may appear in the love of Shanghai top at any time, love Shanghai good ranking is to according to the algorithm of the webmaster to him but, it is often said that the rule, because the love of Shanghai is a company that wants to standardize millions of owners, and not to offend them, they must be rules to let everyone know, let everyone have not only lost these indefatigable stationmaster, join and continue to attract new webmaster, it may Shanghai to do better.

released by the new algorithm upgrade love Shanghai’s announcement, there is no doubt that the love of Shanghai to let more webmaster know, I love Shanghai upgrade algorithm, as long as the original article, a good site, we will give a good ranking, of course, for the new owners more, and rely on the original love Shanghai to make money users do not want to give up love Shanghai, love Shanghai after all is still Chinese search leader position.

1, a new algorithm of love Shanghai told the owners do retain the webmaster.


3, the necessary preparation for tactics against 360.

Internet Conference held soon, love Shanghai and 360 are important figures in the Internet Conference, this is a fact, but there is also competition between them, the 360 is not afraid of anyone, including a great reputation of the Tencent, and to face love Shanghai, but Shanghai is not afraid of love, by virtue of a habit search has been.

at the same time, also tell more of the old webmaster, you as long as the adjustment approach, love Shanghai is still welcome your website, as long as according to our rules to do, can have a better ranking.

for search engines, the most important is the core of the algorithm, and the 360 comprehensive search just appeared a few days of work, although not officially launched the commercial version, but has attracted millions of owners concerned more with 360 terminal browser strong to occupy a large part of the user’s search, and the exposed edge chubby, test the next station in 360 in the morning, to the part of the IP, though not much, but also accounted for about 30% of Shanghai’s ip.

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