love mules learning should try to combat the Shanghai dragon do not master the theory

love mules learning should try to combat the Shanghai dragon do not master the theory

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we can often see such a phenomenon, many owners in Shanghai Longfeng theory, is a set of, but their website is a pile of a pile. There are many novice when talking about Shanghai dragon make than veteran cattle, these people are worthy of the name "master theory". We can often see some Adsense said: Shanghai dragon to learn the webmaster nets and Shanghai dragon website every day I have to learn about, but to start the site or not, which is why, this is because of the lack of actual combat experience. In fact, the Shanghai dragon theory spend a few days, can all understand clearly, no need to every day to see those things, combat is the hard truth. It seems to me that love mules, the real Shanghai dragon is actual combat experience.

Shanghai Longfeng do is actually a degree of certainty and the ability to solve problems, this kind of thing no one can teach you, and even if they are taught, you also may not realize, don’t think that the master is watching Shanghai dragon directly into the theory of the master, a real Shanghai dragon absolutely ER a web site is down right and be K, and the number is not little, master is after the failure of baptism, it becomes a master. To solve the problem, first of all must be a problem, will appear a lot of problems in the course site, these problems one by one out after that, you have accumulated a large number of Shanghai dragon combat experience, this time you can be a qualified Shanghai dragon ER.

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many people learn to have a problem in the process of Shanghai dragon, is too trusting and soft, I love mules that anybody can not believe everything, of course can not believe, only after he tried to make a judgment, cite a simple example, the mention of mass software, many people will think it is a very good thing, and that most of the webmaster have no mass software, but listen to others to say, this thing can not be used, in theory, mass software does not work, but most people are the outcome of the site is down right or be K, but not all, there are still some people with mass website do good to earn the money. I give this example and not let you also go to mass software to try, I just want to say, don’t say any thing any theory, easily make good or bad judgment, only try you know.

learning army of Shanghai dragon, but the level is uneven, most of the webmaster Shanghai Longfeng level is not qualified, many of them stay in the theory of "master" stage.

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