Look at what the domestic search engine how is the situation

Look at what the domestic search engine how is the situation

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last year, Tencent to Sogou inject $448 million, and its search business into Sogou, Sogou domestic third, market share is approximately 10.53%, Sogou name from the 2001 movie "big shot" in the humorous lines – "they Sohu, we all search Sogou, the!".


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2.360 search


noble baby as the world’s largest search engine, but because of some reasons from the China, the domestic market share of about 1.66%, visit the WWW. noble baby贵族宝贝 will automatically jump to the WWW. noble baby贵族宝贝.hk at home, in the Chinese nobility baby called Google, Chinese nobility baby interpretation of "Google" is "sowing and look forward to the song, is also a harvest and joy song", and this name is known by all staff of the China nobility baby vote.

search since incorporated into Sogou, although you can still search, but the search and return the content Sogou has been completely consistent, the market share of approximately 1.36%, 09 years before the September 3rd by the nobility baby to provide technical support, search engine technology with independent research and development, as its name is what meaning is really not too clear.


love Shanghai is the search engine fully deserve the boss, probably accounted for 63.55% of the market share, "love Shanghai" two words from the Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji’s "Chinese Qing Yu An · Lantern Festival" poem: "all he found the love of Shanghai", a symbol of love for Shanghai Chinese information retrieval technology pursuit that is the largest commercial search engine.


will be Microsoft’s search engine, English name is Bing, in the domestic market share of roughly 0.56%, which will be the picture is quite distinctive, will be the default page background is a beautiful picture of.



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360 search in China can be regarded as the second, roughly 21.84% of the market share, as to why is 360 search, can not explain. Today, see the page in gray, searched Kunming happen to know "3· 01 serious violent terrorist attacks, to borrow a word: for Kunming, let the dead rest in peace, living strong

1. love Shanghai search



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