On Optimization of enterprise station extensive but shallow knowledge is a malady

On Optimization of enterprise station extensive but shallow knowledge is a malady

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two: error Description optimization


TITLE Title Optimization


in the picture we see the station description tags in the description is only partly omitted or every kind of glass. How such optimization will accord with the optimization rules of the description search engine? Now, the station has not yet been done right down, but he left a strangled reason. I was not looking for this kind of website, but in the actual optimization. "

did a lot of enterprise website optimization, so many common problems are found in the title: too much, no key, such as:

error two: the extensive but shallow knowledge "repeat", such as the "cable" two words, so although the emphasis of each keyword, but the consequences of it or make "keyword stuffing". At the same time, this kind of optimization, optimization is the most stupid way. Reasonable way should be "and word, word group" can make the search engine more intelligent collocation of keywords. This kind of optimization, but to restrict its intelligence.

error: the title is too long, not prominent, search engine is the key to better said, in front of. But if users find your site how to find some good rankings? You can also open a. Ranked number of the poor, or is caused by the loss of partners.

on the website of description is described, description of the main contents of each page, and the search engine is more emphasis on the natural language. But in the actual optimization, many enterprises tend to be confused with the website, Keyword functions such as:

in the Internet economy deeply at the same time, enterprises also have the traditional marketing mode extends to the network marketing, electronic commerce circle ". However, in the actual investment and value, more and more enterprises website often cannot achieve the anticipated goal. Although some hired Shanghai dragon er for website optimization, but have to say, these people more is only some fur will not learn the minority enemy battle. Therefore, in the optimization process, due to fierce competition, most enterprises are unable to get the ideal ranking website. But even so, the enterprise website itself also has many disadvantages, such as not conducive to Optimization: some companies tend to have a plurality of related keywords, thus causing the phenomenon of keywords extensive but shallow knowledge in the optimization process, a number of Shanghai dragon er but also can list optimization. Finally led to the word to do, the words have to do, even make efforts will not enhance the effect of site specific keywords. For this, the enterprise website how to do the optimization analysis in this paper are as follows:




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