Good user experience is the real dragon in Shanghai

Good user experience is the real dragon in Shanghai

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weekly check website is the webmaster essential work, whether or not the server problems, whether hackers, web content information, web logs, browser compatibility and so on, the website to keep healthy. Do not upload, binding domain is complete, in the operation of the website can occur at any time during the. >

LOGO is not only a trademark, is also a navigation, can guide the user to find the way back home. Click on LOGO can directly back to the home page is a very convenient thing. Otherwise, users will need to find other buttons, or re input. Of course you want users to directly enter the URL of the possibility is too small, most users will leave the website directly.

a cluttered website is any users do not want to see, it will make visitors need information not found, perhaps your website at the beginning of the beginning of the construction is very simple, but with the passage of time, slowly revision, increased the number of images, JS, flash and so on let the site began dazzled. The simple webmaster simplified page, delete some unnecessary things, simplified the page to make the user experience better.

3, create a search and tag

user experience determines the success or failure of a web site, users enter a website is to quickly find the information you need. If the site is slow, the interface is not good or not give users information need experience, so the user will leave soon. So do the time to strengthen the website contact with the user continuously, enhance the user experience, increase user paste degree. The following Xiaobian teach you some experience skills.

2, click LOGO to return home

1, website speed

5, which examined weekly website

4, simplified page


never to test the patience of the user, if a page in the 2 to 3 seconds to open will lose 80% of users, unless your website to let users strong willing to wait 2 to 3 seconds. In the website which gorgeous animation, beautiful JS effect is one of the reasons leading to the slow pace of the website. Of course website speed slow may also be the server problem, if this kind of problem is the replacement of service providers directly. Always remember the site speed for the first. The speed of the site can use love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query, it will be with some optimization suggestions, can be used as a reference station.

love Shanghai why can be successful, because he allows users to quickly find the information needed. Users come to your website also want to quickly find the information he needs, so it is very important to search and tag, search function allows users on the site to quickly find information. The label can tell what information the user is a popular search site. Wind direction indicators give the user a message.

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