From Shanghai to see the search engine to reduce the share of love socializing

From Shanghai to see the search engine to reduce the share of love socializing

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love Shanghai share on-line beta

June 2011 "love Shanghai share" the official grand opening, you only need to add a line of code, you can add a variety of social network sharing button! Help you get more traffic! When someone said, this function will likely affect the website weight. If you have seen the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide", in which there is mention "share & recommendation will be used to determine the page / site search engine value. Appropriate to encourage and guide users to recommend your site on the web site in the search engine’s performance is of great help". Prior to this, Google search engine abroad already penetrated into the society, such as the SNS, such as facebbok, Twitter +, noble baby. Shanghai love begin taking social sooner or later

Let us look at the following

several major experience love Shanghai share:


love Shanghai share button suddenly disappear

March 1, 2012, Shanghai to share love on the line since the first appeared in the next frame, prior to this change also specifically wrote an article "love Shanghai share disappear you feel", from the disappearance made a simple analysis, the purpose is to adjust the algorithm because of its share, just on the line less than a year, there are a lot of bug, and a large number of sites.

do not know whether we have found that, at the end of April, Shanghai had installed a large number of love sharing tools website, search results on the love of Shanghai share number is reduced, compared to the original before the share number is greatly reduced, some from the tens of thousands into hundreds, some become from hundreds of dozens of times, this is undoubtedly the love of Shanghai once again to love Shanghai share adjusted, excluding those who repeat the sharing and use other illegal means to share number.

We all know that

search engine is always based on the needs of users, allowing users to search faster and accurate information, this is the love of the Shanghai search engine, it is also the reason of continuous improvement, constantly adjust the subtle changes in the installation; love Shanghai sharing website, when users browse the web this, think this is a good web site or information, and successfully produced a share, and recorded, and eventually to the "thumb" appear in the search results, the user through a search, see the "thumbs up", they will encourage visitors to visit the site this is undoubtedly a combination of other users, the recommendation, to quickly and accurately find the required information. At the same time, a certain extent to enhance the search results on the site click rate.

love Shanghai share is a simple sharing tool, from its low-key on-line it officially launched during the period, love Shanghai conducted a lot of maintenance and update, from the behavior change, we are not difficult to see the search engine has entered the social.

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