Code farmers save the world Treehouse launches programming courses to train and develop peoplenter

Code farmers save the world Treehouse launches programming courses to train and develop peoplenter

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in the "Internet plus" is the main feature of the home war, in addition to the traditional to Tuba rabbit, regulating the family network as the representative of the home site approach, house decoration, decoration to cattle station e as the representative of traditional Jiezhuang companies in transition to become Internet Jiezhuang companies equally dazzling. For a time, the Internet Jiezhuang companies have greatly replaced the traditional home decoration has become a mainstream trend of new decoration, a new Jiezhuang ideas and means of the wave coming.

Treehouse sees this impressive market, which has produced programming, operations, coding courses, nurturing more developers, and meeting the needs of society and individuals. Treehouse, a video intensive enterprise, claims to have 12000+ paid users who bring in more than $3 million in revenue. Today, the company has officially released Android and iOS application programming courses. By the way, Treehouse has a crazy goal: you never know anything from a junior programmer. The package will be,

difficult to reach the essence of the Internet home improvement can only hastily end

with the gradual decline of the Internet Jiezhuang boom, originally swept online and offline marketing war and user snatch war began to gradually return to a relatively rational state. Despite the "599", "699", "899" the price of this marketing is still ongoing, but businesses are competing more fiercely in the heart is clearly not. This phenomenon and the Internet Jiezhuang retreat and the real estate market downturn has a little relationship, but in essence, is the embodiment of the user for the home to gradually return to a relatively reasonable level.


, especially in New York, is extremely scarce in developing talent, making it a dubious look for programmers in technology companies. The government has also tried many times to encourage and introduce talents in this field. But the reality is cruel, from Estonia to Chicago in all areas are complaining again and again. People began to think about how to produce more excellent development talents.

in accordance with normal logic, the Internet home improvement should bring people a new decoration experience, the user from the Internet home to get the experience should be due to the traditional home improvement. From measurement to design, from design to construction, from construction to raw materials, from raw materials to decoration effects…… Every aspect of home improvement after the transformation of the Internet, there should be world shaking changes. However, after a circle of walking, people develop Internet, home improvement has not brought them too much change, in the past they will meet when the renovation of the pain point, in the new environment will still appear.

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years is a small golden age Jiezhuang industry, merchants discount promotions, the owners have gradually entered the home decoration gradually become the best time of the year. Different from the previous years, this year Jiezhuang market is clearly not a few years ago, the home market is lively, contrary to some disarray. Merchants continue to carry out marketing activities, the owners of home improvement options and views seem to gradually become rational.

now starts a beginner’s tutorial with just $25 paid, but advanced tutorials for iOS and Android applications will need to wait until December. Imagine that Treehouse has 15 full-time teachers who work day and night, and are you worried that there are no more complicated tutorials?

to make the Internet home decoration fusion is always a dubious concept. The standard product of the Internet era, it is not difficult to develop, O2O, sharing economy, social and other fields are with the power of the Internet is creating a new concept, created a lot of new concepts and new ideas in this concept. For example, shared economies produce suppliers, leveling

full-time teachers are a concern, and this program is completely opposed to Codecademy. The latter adopts a curriculum crowdsourcing model commonly known as outsourcing, that is, part-time teachers. The two methods are good, depending on what course you prefer. I tend to be a full-time teacher, because each person teaches in a different way, and gets used to a person’s teaching model.

! The two elements of the Internet and

despite the different types of Internet Jiezhuang companies constantly tense, so that the entire market atmosphere active a lot, but the essence of home improvement industry has always been no significant change. Many of the original traditional Jiezhuang trap struggling people still in pain point by these problems, to enhance the user experience as the origin of the home improvement industry in a war eventually come, to state hastily rush.

founder Ryan Carson very frankly: "I do not expect our products in a short period of time to train excellent senior developers."." It is concluded that the Ryan Carson is that he is obviously old, crafty person, to rival the finger crying "Lao Tzu can cultivate junior developers in a short period of time, you do!". This strongly condemned the behavior of joseph.

now is a good time to participate in "learning encoding" movement: the whole world on forced developers desperate.

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