Can not be ignored novice dead Web log analysis

Can not be ignored novice dead Web log analysis

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304 code meaning: not modify the document as expected, the situation is often the web link problems, such as the common dead link. This time we can check the page, check the link.

said the 200 status code search engine spiders crawling after returning to HTTP, on behalf of successful crawling and crawling.

we have prepared the original content, made a lot of the chain, successfully attracted the search engine spiders enter our website, is not a success? It just completed a basic stage, when in a spider web structure and the correct link cycle is important, if there is a problem, will cause the spider crawling difficulties for a long time, it will stay away from our website, not until now.

Web log analysis is one of the very basic work, need long-term observation and analysis, the overall development of our website is of great benefit, following from some log data to export a website inside me, introduce when the search engine spiders crawling on some common return value:

there are many, here is just to name a few common novice, we need to pay attention to the value of. The other we may temporarily not to use, not introduced. We do not need to be impatient, calm the mind, the analysis to every detail, not because of some important details and unnecessary losses: details determine success or failure.

has a 301 redirect Mobile: the requested data has the new position and the change is permanent.

novice contact website construction and promotion, it is easy to enter a formula, that is "content is king, the chain for emperor", all the time on the 2 above, while this is the focus of the construction site inside, but some things still can not be ignored, such as the site of some infrastructure and the construction of the chain.

404 is not found, the server cannot find a given resource, the document does not exist. It proves that the spider can’t find you this page, we need to see, see this page is not what the problem is.

The return value of This paper shows the

it can be found the spider crawling website in the process encountered in error, so as to improve our website? If a systematic analysis of the website we may not new techniques have not so much energy to do, but we can make a simple analysis. There are many online tools IIS log analysis, to download one. The virtual host will provide web site log download, download the web log every day, which analyze the import tool, you can find a lot of small mistakes, we follow the prompts to correct it.

IIS log file from the network (www.yingyuxiaohua贵族宝贝) to provide English jokes, please indicate the source.

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