A5 ZAC ZAC marketing team interview teacher to talk to you about the recent development of Shanghai

A5 ZAC ZAC marketing team interview teacher to talk to you about the recent development of Shanghai

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Shanghai Dragon Art ?Teacher: Thank you

Zac teacher: first, I want to discuss the definition of the so-called garbage content in the sentence can be read fluent content within the machine generated or replace words, sentences can not read smoothly, no need to discuss. So, spam here mostly refers to reprint, copy, copy, duplicate, low quality, misleading.

A5 Fangfang: everybody is good, today A5 marketing team to interview guest is Zac teacher, the teacher will interview Zac to talk to you about the recent development trend of Shanghai dragon, help more owners to solve the problem.

The contents of the online

A5: Recently, Shanghai love Fangfang algorithm update frequently, love Shanghai and remind you to concentrate on the content of the construction of the site, but the Internet bubble and waste too much, the teacher how to treat this

A5: Fangfang interview before the start of our first concern is teacher Zac recently translated "Shanghai Dragon Art" a book, the book sold sale congratulations to zac. What about this book, the teacher give us a simple introduction in the end for those who master reading, to the webmaster can improve those aspects of the quality of


but both online and offline, there is a small part of the people adhere to the high quality of the original, or clever use of user >

Zan Hui, Shanghai dragon net of Zac, every one of the authors.

But for the

love Shanghai algorithm

to further improve the level of Shanghai dragon, break through the bottleneck, and even get rid of the traditional thinking of Shanghai Dragon (Shanghai dragon is the day outside the chain of such ideas and practices) of the owners and network marketers, "Shanghai Dragon Art" is a rare reference and inspiration. Inside the tools discussed may not apply to Chinese website, but read the book you will understand why the use of these tools to measure what is?? to find out what the problem? Understand these, or find the preparation of alternative Chinese tools will not be difficult.

flood did what is not normal, the network is a part of real life, living under the middle content and how much is original and higher quality? The news is copied to copy, advertising is also a lot of exaggeration, the repetition of


Zac. This book may be more suitable to improve the level of the level of thinking and strategy of Shanghai dragon master reading. It involves a lot of most owners don’t pay much attention to the content, such as social media participation, in-depth research, keyword search, vertical integration / personal / regional search, Shanghai dragon effect index determination and measurement etc.. Some just want to know what the place such as the page on the keywords, put the number of keywords of this kind of problem stationmaster, the content is a bit far, some tools also discussed simply does not apply to Chinese website.

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