Dry cargo sharing independent Shanghai Longfeng mall site optimization in five ways

Dry cargo sharing independent Shanghai Longfeng mall site optimization in five ways

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three, brand word can often decide the optimization

!The site to determine the structure of Keywords

four, many products make products less aggregate page ranking, the product information by drainage

two, fully tap the keywords

site structure which is the foundation of the site optimization, only to lay a good foundation, can have more of their. The website structure made the best flat tree, as shown in women’s clothing industry Jinyuan mall as an example, the basic structure of the site is home to a mall category page, two classified pages, three category page, product details page, and the information channel is the same classification, if the product is very rich, can be divided into the four category page, of course selection and classification of these layers is to consider these words for the possibility of ranking. And later with the increase the number of products or information rich content, such as labels, can do some search words like aggregation page, can be ranked and strengthened in the chain, of course, is useful to the user generated page

mining fully, then classify and determine the subject keywords, long tail keywords, the final layout of the web page to go. How to mining, many methods can be found online, of course, are mostly similar, is to use the drop-down list of relevant words, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love Shanghai index promotion client, and other non official tools such as love stand Shanghai dragon tools etc..

and if only operating its own brand products, it is also possible to do, can also make a brand for each channel, just put the brand introduction, information evaluation, and then to their products for drainage. Of course, the conversion rate to be low, but the different industry difference is not large, some companies will also consider the brand image, like Jinyuan women temporarily consider to do.

Xiao Ke started to very long period of time from the contact of Shanghai dragon enterprise website, Shanghai Longfeng personal website optimization work, and this year began to optimize the contact sites, especially recently took over the independent website, website optimization project comparison before contact has some differences and characteristics, a lot of feelings, the Jinyuan Xiao Ke shared mall mall site independent Shanghai dragon optimization 5 strokes:

search brand word to relatively clear, a large number of brands, and brand keywords index are many, if there is a website with this kind of word is definitely a good choice of many brands, each brand to do a channel page, keywords ranking competition. We believe that this kind of website to see a lot more familiar with the website, Xiao Ke footwear, such as making shoes, shoes, Amoy Amoy net net.

products, like the shopping site, comparison sites, products are collected from other sites, the content of the website, dozens of millions, do not charge can generate the bulk polymerization of artificial page, as long as the good experience > page

, the URL structure of the site is almost sure.

, a website structure adjustment is the primary task of

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