2013 January Shanghai love algorithm analysis

2013 January Shanghai love algorithm analysis

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December 21, 2012 Mayan doomsday prophecy did not come, but ushered in a new life. The original should be exciting, in December 2012 when the end of the month in 2013 and January at the beginning of the month, Chinese search engines love Shanghai was updated once again the algorithm, the results are caused N engaged in the work of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon er who shouted: Oh, mygod! Ranking and off, a 56 Member Forum – Wang Baochen is one of these many webmaster, recently a headache, heart sad, customer reminders ranking of how out? We hurry, then summarizes the following characteristics on the 2013 January algorithm adjusted as well as the solution to this situation:

features three. Site normal rank reduced


) Then

features two. Www ranked 100 after

If your site is

drop right, the first time not to rush to adjust the site, the first to go to some of the webmaster often go to the Shanghai dragon circle, such as: A5, why 28tui tui56, Shanghai dragon, these owners often go to the forum first look at the circle we are faced with the problem? Is that other people have also, hand operation of 40-50 website. There are 10 stations floating, anxious ah, and then analysis the inside pages of many results now ranked Shanghai love the home page is more than 1 years or above 2 years old domain name website + portal website ranking. (for example: the customer is our meal tables and chairs, tables and chairs are all search results for more than 1 years old domain name. Search: Shanghai folding door this station originally home front, now nearly 2 days the home of an old home, the other portal page, now ranked first is a portal page a picture.


features a. The old domain name + portal page ranking

is a lot of.

then followed by many websites originally on the front page of the table top, even stable 3-5 months more than half a year. But after this adjustment, some words ranking no changes, but some words you will find 100 or less can not find, from the original home page top down to 100 directly after. If we use the webmaster tools according to the keyword query into words, some words will be arranged in 130 or 200.300 position. Then click on the page to love from Shanghai…… We will find the results of the ranking page even without www. (56 Forum – Wang Baochen did have a blog, this time words, adjust the positioning of Shanghai dragon because of their own reasons 3.4 months down the right, and from 2012 October after a similar situation and a large area, so Wang Baochen bold judgment, love this kind of Shanghai’s individual search results algorithm recognition now you can have the use of a wide range, and can be distinguished into a specific vocabulary.

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