Cloud behind Hongkong’s DC server development

Cloud behind Hongkong’s DC server development

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server to bring commercial value

because of the cloud itself advantages, which brings more opportunities and value for IDC service providers. Industry experts believe that the impact of the development of cloud computing for IDC service providers mainly concentrated in Hongkong and the domestic server server www.yunshuju贵族宝贝/server/.

has now become a hot word in IT circles, has dominated the IDC market, service providers are constantly intensify the construction of cloud computing. It is understood that China Mobile actively deployed cloud plan and made gratifying achievements, but China Unicom is not far behind, in the IDC room began the pilot work of cloud processing.

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in addition, according to the relevant departments to investigate, user service of IDC user dissatisfaction actually accounted for 49%, analysis of the cause of this phenomenon is that in recent years, a large number of service providers into confusion to the IDC market, in addition to the lack of unified planning and standards of the industry, more and more users to IDC enterprise service dissatisfaction. Cloud data www.yunshuju贵族宝贝 is relatively good service good Hongkong server business.

is the first cloud computing resource pool for introducing IDC technology, IDC service providers reduce management costs, the computing power of IDC can be as a way to provide hydropower. Secondly, cloud computing makes IDC a cross regional management ability, reduce the energy consumption of the IDC service provider. Again, cloud computing platform can enable IDC value-added services, IDC service providers can get more value. Finally, cloud computing can promote the harmonious development of IDC value chain parties, IDC service providers to avoid vicious competition.

second, IDC enterprise resource utilization rate is low, rate of not more than 50% of the use of business system’s busiest, and system maintenance complex, resulting in high operating costs.

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