Community 3 can save O2O entrepreneurs

Community 3 can save O2O entrepreneurs

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day before the rumored network "O2O death list, takeaway food, education, tourism and other areas have a large number of O2O companies have been killed, a number of media published the first article follow the view. Subsequently, the Jingdong + Yonghui, Ali + Suning, the giant gezonglianheng is dropped a depth bomb to O2O business. In the comprehensive invasion giants Baotuan grassroots O2O entrepreneurs, have the opportunity to


recently on the mobile Internet there is another big thing, Tencent mobile community conference held, revisit the community (District) 3. 3 is the third generation of community products after BBS, forum and blog, micro-blog, its core is the mobile Internet community to connect everything, in addition to conventional community interaction, more emphasis on interactive community and society, Internet and society, which is actually a community of users pan industry O2O.

BAT threat is inevitable, but for entrepreneurs, the U.S. group, drops, hungry entrepreneurial story and "Internet plus" as good. O2O venture or need in the small and beautiful stage to lay a good foundation, good business skills. Let us contrast analysis to see what can be brought to the community 3 entrepreneurs.

, a Uber, a beaver family is community 3? O2O entrepreneurship must be in operation and innovation force

Baidu O2O 20 billion is not very optimistic about the western capital side, but China’s O2O is very different from foreign countries, we re operations, and Uber this heavy product. BAT is a user portal. Entrepreneurs should also recognize this, to operate as the basis, strengthen operational innovation.

for a train of thought, Uber is a special form of community 3, which connected with the car and the need to take a taxi the people of the two groups. Uber provides a more simple and direct social interaction (the user called the car, the driver orders), and a series of technical algorithms to ensure the smooth and beautiful line experience.

O2O is a successful beauty industry such as beaver, Manicure home from a single point of breakthrough, gather the beauty of women, one after another on-line beauty treatment and hairdressing, make-up and other services; August also increased value added Yan channel, painting photography, vocal music and spoken three part, and further promote the "craft" for more people paid sharing technology".

Uber operation technology black box, it’s hard to see a much more intuitive, beaver. Note that the beaver family in the process of operation, changes in community user groups. Manicure breakthrough period, the beaver family is equivalent to a normal Manicure community, and after, the beauty of women to become the core of the user community of beaver. So gather enough "craft", next to the beaver home might be transformed into focusing multiple O2O services platform entrance. Among them, the transformation of business objectives worthy of O2O entrepreneurs ponder.

two, O2O easy to float down slowly, the community 3 let O2O down to earth

Jingdong and officially announced the evening of August 7th Yonghui news, Ali, Suning in August 1>

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