Analysis of the web site search manifestation reason of punishment and Countermeasures

Analysis of the web site search manifestation reason of punishment and Countermeasures

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two, the website is punished

believes that whether it is done or as a webmaster Shanghai dragon, will often encounter website search engine drop right even in the case of K. In fact, this situation is normal, we can even say "no right to be reduced (K) is not a good webmaster webmaster". May be some friends do not know how to judge their own website was drop right. Today let me explore the depth together with everybody, why the website will be down right? Right down down right after we have? How to deal with? Let me yiyidaolai now.

(2) ranked the overall decline if the website keyword appears suddenly a large area of the overall decline, not only is the main keywords down (if only the main keywords decreased, probably due to the search engine database problems, over time may be restored), also includes numerous long tail keywords is also decreased so, then, be sure that your site is down right.

After the

, a website right down to 4

Cause analysis of

(1) in the search engine on the site domain name, home is no longer the first, or even can not find in the search results. But this is not absolute, concrete analysis of concrete problems. If the site is new, there is no need to worry too much, because it might be your site weight isn’t enough; but if is old station, this situation will be paid special attention, usually is the site of a problem, should arouse our attention; if site out no results you can be sure that the site was K.

(4) snapshot suddenly stopped updating, or to update a long time. If a snapshot of the site is normal, but suddenly stop the update or update a long time, I believe that a lot of stationmaster friends will encounter. If this happens, we will be on the site for maintenance, check the website optimization is not a problem, because this is a sign of a web site is down right. Usually, the snapshot time within 3-7 days is normal.

(3) chain and included greatly reduced that search engine update every time, will have a website or chain plummet, or included severe decline, even two are greatly reduced. If you encounter such a situation, there is a 80% chance of being right down the search engine. The so-called decline refers to the decline of more than 1/4 or more, especially foreign chain, because sometimes the search engines will delete some articles and the chain quality is not high. If only a small reduction, this may be the search engine in the integration of the Internet resources, delete duplicate content, not necessarily right down. Therefore, do not meet the chain and set down to think that he is right to be reduced.

whenever found their site to be punished, believe that the webmaster would ask, why would be punished? In fact, a website will be.

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