Do you have 95% Shanghai dragon professional knowledge

Do you have 95% Shanghai dragon professional knowledge

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second: how is the site structure architecture and internal links, the two problems directly solve the problems included. One thing to remind the new Adsense is, if you don’t know what is the framework structure, then congratulations, you won’t fall into the trap of spiders, we don’t need to know what is the framework structure, it is not conducive to the search engine grab. In addition, the website structure of search engine is relatively heavy link structure, logical structure is reasonable in general we use the tree links (see below), A diagram for the front page of the site, C1 and C2 are D1 and D2 classification page is C1 below the product page, D3 and D4 are below C2 the product. In their relationship abstraction. This structure can make the weight evenly distributed in each web page above. On the internal links is the use of anchor text, here don’t do detailed research, we can refer to other webmaster.

from my point of view, mainly in the following six aspects the basic problems of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, to solve the fundamental problems is to seize the key to the optimization of Shanghai dragon, up posture of the new Adsense can understand:

third: the page title tags and H1 tags, several important problems in the code, with H tags, usually set in bold, but its grammatical meaning and the blackbody is completely different, not abuse on the page. An article is only a title, H1 also can appear only once, if you use a lot of H1 and H2 keywords were flooded, but not up to good effect.

fourth page text set, keyword frequency and density, an experience here is that we will find the ranking in front.

the first point: the overall direction of keywords to research in place, such as keyword search trends will change over time and volatility, as a recorder of the electronics industry, such as the Walkman has become deadwood, people’s attention is less, the intelligent mobile phone instead of the number of search is obviously higher than the former. This is largely influenced by the industry, but the number of search keywords continued to decline is not necessarily can not do, the primary stationmaster should be psychologically prepared in advance, even if the ranking is very good, the flow will drop, in addition there are many words with seasonal fluctuations, but also some social hot fluctuations, will drive the search volume keywords, here not much said.

Key words:

from the start in Shanghai dragon raises the question of how to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Many webmaster will say online tutorial many Shanghai dragon ah, just go blind forum will have good character of God appears, it will help you solve a lot of problems of personal website. But for beginners, the Shanghai dragon information is particularly complex, where do I start? In fact, we will find that in the process of the operation of the web site, so few sites can do anything, as long as the new owners, we can grasp the basic knowledge.

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