Love the sea and move in the world

Love the sea and move in the world

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love Shanghai when the world was changed. First, business owners, investment, with the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai auction. "



this is the Shanghai dragon circles will be in jeopardy more difficult to survive, with light forum closed, many Shanghai dragon masters were pessimistic about Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love a series of pressure, which makes the tottering Shanghai dragon one disaster after another. Shanghai is really no way out of Phoenix? Love Shanghai do not lead to a new round of Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai to do so, on the left side of the 8 promotion advertising and 6 on the right side of the advertisement, basically all the search results, after the Shanghai dragon was hiding, is the love of Shanghai auction of the world, it is the top eight of the dispute, the major businesses in order to fight for the former in bidding eight hit ", and ultimately benefit the head broken and bleeding" is always love Shanghai, damage only the user’s love for the Shanghai bid as long as money can do, regardless of the quality of the products, regardless of service, when the user’s eyes only "love sea bid", then there will be more Internet fraud.

love Shanghai as one of the domestic Internet giant, his movements always involve millions of people’s nerves. Love Shanghai auction as a major source of love Shanghai advertising revenue, said it is the love of Shanghai "God of wealth" is not excessive, do not know whether the recent love of Shanghai money, still want to continue to suppress the Shanghai dragon world, now love Shanghai bidding a new measure, is in love with the sea move, all over the world change.

is very obvious in the search engine results, blank part at the B before the right side of the Shanghai love for advertising, now after such move, the right side of the advertising advantage is very obvious, so the user to search results, basically all is the result of love Shanghai auction, and natural search the results basically is "lost".

practitioners crazy?

Whether it is

or SEM Shanghai dragon revolves around the search engine marketing, it’s all about love (Shanghai SEM love Shanghai’s own products), so also love Shanghai no matter what other people think, I want to do what. The love of Shanghai is the use of their own advantages, to Shanghai on the right side of the bidding advertising to move to the left side of a part. The following figure:

Shanghai dragon is how many people or companies do in no way, but now do network marketing companies will set up a special department of Shanghai dragon, do eighty percent will do SEM Shanghai dragon company, also is the love of Shanghai bidding. Love is love for Shanghai Shanghai according to a means of PPC, the user clicks a relevant keywords, love Shanghai will be charged once, regardless of whether the business can bring finally. Love for the love of Shanghai Shanghai auction publicity Hermione hot, often go to the next line of publicity, which is unmatched by other search engines.

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